Help make Houston the new Silicon Valley

Imagine this: an aspiring Entrepreneur in Houston has a wonderful idea for a company, but does not know where to turn to get a little help and money to get going. In other cities like Boston, Seattle, Boulder and even Austin, there are groups like the Capital Factory and TechStars where entrepreneurs and investors meetup to pitch business ideas, hand over some cash and provide hands-on coaching for a modest equity share in the company. It’s a bit like angel investing, speed dating, and geek camp rolled into one.

According to David Cohen, founder of TechStars, the key to starting a seed accelerator group is a great cmmunity of mentors that can draw people in. The only requirements for the model to work says Cohen: “It needs to be a business where you can make very meaningful progress in a short period of time and where mentorship is a key missing ingredient.”

Regardless of what the minimum capital investment is, investors and entrepreneurs can really impact the Houston entrepreneurial ecosystem if there was a similar seed accelerator group in town. Interested in being a part of one? Let me know and leave a comment!


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