Houston Moms – 3 Apps for your kids that make learning Fun!

A look at some of the funnest apps that your kids will love…

First Words focuses on learning letters and spelling. Different versions focus on animals, vehicles, and household items. Each version cost $1.99.

KidCalc Math Fun is designed for children aged 2 to 8. It teaches basic arithmetic, counting, sorting, and number tracing in a colorful interface. Parents can set the skill level and it also comes in seasonal versions for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Featuring Clifford, the app is designed for kids aged 2 to 6. It teaches spelling, word building, phonetics and vocabulary. It sells for $0.99.


2 thoughts on “Houston Moms – 3 Apps for your kids that make learning Fun!

  1. Hi, I’m Steve Glinberg, the developer of KidCalc Math Fun. I’m honored to read what you have written about KidCalc. I am always interested in your thoughts about how I can make it better so please email me if you have any ideas. I am continuing to enhance KidCalc with free updates as I have many time this past year. My email address is kidcalc (at) glinberg dot com.

    • Hi Steve! Thanks for reaching out. My nephew has the game (on my sister’s phone) and loves it! One request: keep making fun educational apps for our kids! Thanks.
      Eric Melchor

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