Harris County has the greatest number of gang members in TX

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According to the National Gang Threat Assessment, the Houston region is home to far more gang members than anywhere in Texas. An astounding 225 gangs are roaming the city according to intelligence reports and at least 10,000 members that have been confirmed by police.  Because of their large number, they have a propensity to create a large number and wide variety of criminal acts.

Such acts include home invasions, robbery, kidnapping, murder, extortion and drug trafficking. Worse, these gangs have a younger, more violent membership.

What can we do as Houstonians to help stop crime?

Visit www.stophoustongangs.org – This site collects, reports information on all types of gangs. The website allows residents to report anonymous tips and suspicious criminal gang activities in an effort to thwart the threat. The site also has great information about how gangs try to recruit new members, how students can avoid gangs, how to help the police anonymously and more.

Original story by Dane Schiller, Houston Chronicle, October 10, 2010.


2 thoughts on “Harris County has the greatest number of gang members in TX

  1. I live in a subdivision North of Conroe. There were some hispanic youths (not residents) walking around in the subdivision last night. Multiple real estate signs were knocked down and thrown around. There is a spray painted black BK on a red background on the curb around the corner from my home. Is this activity gang related??? What should a private citizen do?

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