5 cool startups you didn’t know launched in Houston

Here is a look at 5 cool startups that are designed to improve vacations, teach, safe driving, home design, and web experience. All of them are founded by Houston area entrepreneurs.



Bonvoy is an application within Facebook that lets users search, plan, book and split the costs with friends within the Facebook site. It is like Expedia, but in Facebook, cool huh?

Psiwaresolutions helps teachers to easily research  what strategies they can implement on students with behavioral problems in schools.

SafecellApp is aiming to be the first iPhone app that works to keep drivers distraction-free while driving on the road. How? The app uses the iPhone’s GPS to track your driving and rewards users for each “safe mile” driven without talking on the phone or texting. Each safe mile equals one point in the SafeCellApp online store and users may redeem points for e-gift cards from retailers like Apple, Amazon, Macy’s, and Sony. A $5 gift card costs 500 points and users may accumulate up to $250 of points. Is that cool or what?

80Legs is a new tool for customizing web searches. Instead of relying on the results that Google has found, it lets users decide which types of pages they want indexed for future searches.

Hometta helps those who cannot afford an architect design a custom home. They sell plans by custom designers for around $3,000 and are limited to 2,500 square feet so as not to compete with custom-home businesses.

Original story by Purva Patel from the Houston Chronicle.


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