Can Houston football parents control their temper?

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Sideline Rage – when irate parents interrupt games and scream at their own children or at opposing players. In many cases, parents have hit players, coaches, or other parents. Experts say the reason for their behavior is that they are unable to separate their ego from their kids and events on the field.

Most recently in Texas, a brawl between coaches and parents broke out in the middle of a pee wee football game in Southern Texas when one parent went onto the field and tried to step in between two players shoving each other.

So how can parents control their temper? Perhaps parents could learn from our neighbors up North. In Canada, Hockey Calgary launched a campaign called “Relax, It’s Just a Game,” with a new program of “mandatory anger management” for parents of hockey players. No child can be enrolled in hockey unless at least one parent has completed a one-hour course that deals with such topics as ‘respecting referees’.

While no one is expecting this campaign to completely curb ‘Sideline Rage’, at least it is a first step toward getting parental aggression under control.

Original story by Allan Maki, Globe and Mail

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