How Texans can help find kidnapped children

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I was driving on my way to work on Oct. 26th around 8:15am. I was feeling pretty good since I had just finished working out and was jamming to one of my favorite songs playing on the radio. I noticed one of those freeway signs was blinking so I read the message: RWG618 white Mazda van: call San Jacinto Police – 4 yo missing.

In just a blink of a moment I went from feeling good to feeling my heart sink. I began to think about the 4 year old’s parents and what they could possibly be going through. To know that this morning, this day, their baby was taken away from them with the possibility that they will never see their baby again.

Soon my eyes were looking everywhere and focusing in on any white vehicle. There’s a white van! Is that it. No. Then I realized, sure everyone going East bound on Interstate 10 can see this sign, but what about the rest of the 4 million people in Houston and the millions other in the State?

Wouldn’t Facebook, Twitter, SMS messaging help reach lots more people instantly? Shouldn’t it be a law that for kidnapped children, instead of having to wait hours before you hear about it on the radio or TV, the message is broadcasted across social sites?

While researching tips on helping to spread Amber Alerts, I stumbled upon – a great site that allows the public to sign up to receive Amber Alert text messages in their city. As they state – by signing up for wireless AMBER Alerts you could play an integral role in the recovery of an abducted child. Signing up only take 10 seconds. Please sign up. I can’t imagine why anyone would not want to aid in the recovery of a kidnapped child.

As to what happened to the 4 yr old who was kidnapped… she was found unharmed the next day. Thank God.



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