What Houston street crossing signals are Missing

If you were blind, how would you know when it is safe to cross the street?

While visiting Madrid over the holidays, I noticed that while walking across the crosswalk there was a bird-like singing noise playing while the pedestrian light was green. As soon as the crosswalk signal turned green – indicating that it was now okay for people to walk across the intersection, the bird-like sound was very upbeat. Gradually as seconds wore down, the sounds tempo became slower and slower. It didn’t take long to figure out that the noise was actually meant to provideĀ  assistance to the blind inviting them to cross the street at the appropriate time.

Although I could not find a video that showed this in Madrid, here is something similar in Japan:

This is a no-brainer and should be implemented in Houston Downtown along with other major pedestrian crosswalk areas like the Galleria.


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