Permit required to give food to the Homeless in Houston

Two Houstonians who had been providing warm meals for dozens of homeless people for more than a year have been told to stop because they do not have a permit.

According to the Health and Human Services Department, the reason they have been ordered by HPD and city officials is because the the food must be prepared in a certified kitchen with a certified food manager. So now the 60 to 120 people Bobby and Amanda Herring fed nightly for more than a year will have to go hungry, beg for money to eat, or perhaps go ravishing through restaurant garbage cans looking for something to eat. Moreover, the food that had been donated from area businesses and prepared in various kitchens that were then given to the Herring’s to distribute, will have to be thrown out.

Many people have applauded the Herrings’ efforts including Connie Boyd, president and CEO of the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County, but have defended the city’s stance.

There is a saying “Only in America” that is used to refer to something so bazaar and unusual. When other cities, States and countries read about this, unfortunately they might say – “Only in Houston”.

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