Let’s turn Houston’s trash into renewable Energy

Enerkem can reduce the trash in a city’s landfill by up to 90%. Why is this important? It’s important because Enerkem can convert garbage into clean fuel. Enerkem has developed a proprietary thermo-chemical system that uses pressure, chemicals, and 800 degrees of heat to recycle 15 different kinds of trash into renewable electricity, chemicals for plastic, and ethanol that can run cars.

Here are some of the benefits of converting non-recyclable urban waste into high-value products, as a sustainable alternative to disposal, are numerous (taken directly from their site).

  • Communities benefit from a cost-effective and sustainable waste management option.
  • Consumers benefit from a clean fuel produced from more affordable feedstock.
  • Because MSW is readily available in all urban and rural areas, biofuels production facilities, and the green jobs they create, can take place in a geographically diverse manner.
  • Alternative transportation fuels created from waste are cleaner, thereby they can reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent.
  • Less waste in landfills means less methane gas. Methane has 25 times more global warming impact than CO2, and is normally released from the decomposition of materials in landfills.
  • Waste-to-biofuels plants are complementary with existing recycling programs.

If you want the City of Houston and the Mayor’s office to start turning our trash into renewable energy, write to them at houstontxdotgov@houstontx.gov.


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