How to build a more responsive Houston local Government

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Have you experienced this before?

You see a pothole on your street that needs fixing or some abandoned houses that are marked with all kinds of graffiti and you call the city, but nothing gets resolved. You leave messages, but still the graffiti or the pothole is left unresolved. Who is accountable?

What if you could report a broken traffic light, graffiti, pothole, or even a suspected drug house by simply taking a photo with your mobile phone and sending it directly to all the city departments that are responsible including City Hall? You can geotag the problem, write a note, and upload any photos.

The police department, local utility company, sanitation department and any other relevant departments would receive the report on their dashboard computers inside their trucks or vehicles. Within hours the city gets to work fixing the problem. Moreover, what if your neighbors could see those nearby reports and raise their own voices to apply pressure and get these issues fixed?

Such engagement between residents and city government is already happening across thousands of communities including big cities like San Francisco, D.C., Dallas, and Detroit. It’s called SeeClickFix and its creating a richer civic life and making government more efficient, more transparent, and more collaborative. Check it out to express your feelings and let’s get the city of Houston to respond to situations that need attention to. Write to the city of Houston at


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