How to deter criminal activity on the Houston Metro Rail

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Ever notice how petty criminals hang around bus stations and Metro rail stops? Well there may be a simple cost effective solution on how to prevent crime and keep thugs from just hanging around.

Classical music  may be the answer. Police in Portland say the sounds of Carmen and “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” have successfully dispersed crowds of unruly youths because such music is so uncool it makes them uncomfortable. Riders have noticed a major difference at stations and rail stops in Portland.

“Here’s the thing,” Portland police Lt. John Scruggs says, “It’s crime prevention through environmental design. If you put rose bushes in front of your bedroom window, the burglar is less likely to break in through that window because they don’t want to get cut up.”

Its a bit early to say if this endeavor actually stops loitering and deters crime, but it is definitely a creative approach and with community support, why not give it a try? Reach out to Houston Metro and let them know your thoughts. You can also email HPD and express your concerns.

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