Bringing the World to Houston Classrooms

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If you have never picked up The Week magazine, you should. The Week provides the best of the U.S. and International Media in a easy to read weekly magazine. In addition to providing the best columns from around the world, it even has book, art and film reviews, a guide to what is worth watching on television, critics choice for best restaurants around the country and much more. Now they are announcing a new program that brings the world news into the classrooms. The Week Magazine Education Program.

Beginning as a pilot program, The Week is becoming a powerful teaching tool at high schools and universities all across America. The Week takes the best reporting from around the world along with though-provoking commentary, and assembles them into complete and balanced teaching blocks on everything students need and want to know about our world.

The program includes lesson plans developed by innovative educators on topics that range from government and politics to arts and culture, science and medicine, books and film, business and economics.

If you are an educator and want to know how to bring this innovative program into your classroom, sign up at or call 1-877-245-8151. If you’d like to see this program implemented in HISD schools, write to HISD board members here.


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