Htown Bingo Rules and Prizes

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How to play Htown Bingo

You’ll need a digital camera or smartphone, a Facebook account or Twitter account with the free Twitpic application, and access to the Htown Bingo board (download it here).

Look at the revealed squares on the bingo board. When you find something around your community that matches one of the squares (like graffiti or a pothole), take a picture of it and upload the information to You can use either the mobile app or to make the report.

After you’ve reported your finding to SeeClickFix, tweet the information and picture using the hashtags #htownbingo – or post it directly to Htown Bingo’s Facebook wall. Mark that square off your Bingo board.

When you’ve marked off any five squares in a row, tweet “Bingo!” using the hashtag #htownbingo. Or, post your win to Htown Bingo’s Facebook wall.

New squares will be revealed about every two weeks by a blogger, community center or media outlet. Squares will be revealed at the same time for everybody, regardless of how long you’ve been playing. Get clues about upcoming Bingo squares here.

Once you get five squares in a row on the Htown Bingo board, you will get a prize!

Prizes and Rules

  • You can only win once per month.
  • Prize for the months of April through October 2012 is a $20 Amazon gift card.
  • The issues you report must be within any city in the USA. For even more information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. If you have any feedback, please share so you can help shape this project going forward.
  • Maximum of 5 Amazon gift cards will be given each month


Eric Melchor

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