BJM – a great service to help your Job Search in Houston

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If you are a job seeker, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t ever give up on your last two weapons: Perseverance and Hope. If you have never seen the movie Pursuit of Happyness, it’s a true story about the realities of life and what some people go through just to survive. See the wonderful last scene below.

If you are in Houston, you should also check out Between Jobs Ministry. They are a group dedicated to encouraging and supporting Men and Women while they are between jobs. The group has been around for at least ten years and hundreds meet every Wednesday morning for Spiritual Support, Job Search Skills Training, Career Counseling, Networking and Job Leads, Resume Review and Assistance, and more. The best part is the dance. (Go and see what I am talking about).

If NorthWest Bible Church is too far of a drive, here is a list of other Job Ministries located in Houston.

3 thoughts on “BJM – a great service to help your Job Search in Houston

  1. BJM is a great place to stay grounded and get encouragement while you are unemployed. I was glad to have it when I got laid off in 2009.

  2. When I first came to Texas, I went there to look for work. What I was met with at their Networking session was a very angry man who had a go at me for being from another English speaking country. He was a former oil worker who seemed to know nothing at all about anything. Meanwhile he verbally attacked me before I’d even opened my mouth when my wife spoke first and introduced me. He attempted to embarass me in the class, stated that I couldn’t speak English, before I’d said a single word. I EMPHASIZE AGAIN I HADN’T YET SAID A WORD! I happen to be British, and went to a top school, so frankly I speak first-class English and fluent Spanish! Basically his redneck twang is pretty poor English in any one’s book. The guy just barked at me that all computer jobs are outsourced to India, and that was that. What a load of rubbish, and what an idiot! Don’t go here, no one should have to suffer hate-speech or ethno-racism from such an angry individual. The place might call itself a church, and he might imagine himself a Christian, but all I could see was a raving angry abusive racist man who knew very little about anything other than oil. Clearly this role at BJM gives him some kind of racist power trip. Go once if you must, but I wouldn’t go back. Their lack of help made no difference to me, I am now managing a major Houston IT company.

    • Hello Albet. Thanks for sharing your experience. I can understand how you felt and would be reluctant to recommend going there for job search advice for anyone. Some people just don’t have manners.

      I can tell you from my personal experience, when I worked in Easter Europe I had a British boss and he was one of the nicest people I ever worked with. Not only did he have a great sense of humor, he and I are still very good friends to this day.

      I would like to say that my experience at BJM was quite different and a positive one. As they say, sometimes a few bad apples can spoil the bunch and I believe in your situation this was the case. Congratulations on landing a great job and enjoy the rest of your stay here in Texas.

      – Eric

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