Houston food court for Food Trucks

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Houston Entrepreneur Lauren Barrash has a great idea – turn a parking lot near Houston downtown into a gathering spot for food trucks. In essence, you can call it a ‘Food court for food trucks’. Similar parking lots can be found in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. So why not bring it here to Houston?

Lauren is the owner of the shuttle service inside the loop. Her vision for the food court is approximately 8 different trucks rotated on different nights of the week. She also envisions the food court also acting as a place where passengers riding the shuttle bus can connect. “It would be a mini-transit center that happens to have a totally cool food-truck park,” she says.

I like the idea. Best of luck Lauren!

Original story appeared in The Houston Chronicle, Aug. 14, 2011. “Entrepreneur proposes spot where food trucks can flock”.

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