Is HPD monitoring social media websites for gang activity?

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I recently read that NYPD is now using Twitter as a partner against crime prevention.  Apparently, a “Crips Holiday” was being planned among several dozen gang members and they were using Twitter to help organize the event. The new Juvenile Justice Unit within NYPD, “which monitors social media websites for gang activity”, caught on to the planned event and was able to monitor the situation.

Arrests were made and a gun was also recovered inside the park where all the gang members were congregating. This is good news. I am not aware if there is such a unit within HPD that monitors social media platforms for crime prevention, but there should be one. If you are a citizen and want to report possible gang activity in Houston, visit You can also report possible activity with your Smartphone. Visit HtownBingo to learn more.  

Original story featured in Mobile Marketing Watch on Aug. 26th, 2011.

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