Why can’t public schools ban junk food like they do in Canada?

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Junk food is now banned in Edmonton schools. Low-nutrient foods higher in calories, fat, sugar, and salt such as, cookies,  sugary cereal, candy, ice cream, fruit-flavored drinks and bakery items such as pastries and doughnuts will no longer be for sell in schools. The kids can still brings these kinds of foods to school, but they will no longer be provided.

Is this a good idea?

Hek yeah! In fact a new study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has determined banning all junk food from a la carte lines during school lunch hours — would result in an 18 percent reduction in overweight or obese students. Looks like school officials up North know what they are doing in tackling rising obesity.

Original story in Canada Yahoo News

One thought on “Why can’t public schools ban junk food like they do in Canada?

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