TaskRabbit – an eBay for real world labor

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Okay, I can’t take credit from that awesome title. That credit belongs to Alexia Tsotsis, staff writer at TechCrunch. Now what is Taskrabbit all about? It’s the brainchild of Leah Busque, former engineer at IBM. One snowy night when Leah realized she needed dog food for her lab, she thought “wouldn’t it be nice if there was a site you could go to and name the price you were willing to pay for someone else to do the task?” Thus, out of laziness, that is how this eBay-like business was formed.

How does it work?

When users of the service post a task, they declare the maximum amount they would pay to have it completed and can also choose freely from among the bids. Runners, the people who complete the bids, declare the minimum amount they will accept. Runners with high reviews and those that are available immediately for a rush job, can command high premiums. Task Rabbit takes anywhere from a 12 to 30 percent cut of each transaction. Customers pay by credit card, and the runner’s share gets deposited into a TaskRabbit account.

See a list of Shared Goods and Services Companies Here

Is this an awesome idea or what!? Some fun facts: 6% of all tasks involve picking up and assembling IKEA furniture. 2 – number of days it takes, on average, for a posted task to be completed. 75% of tasks wind up being completed. I know this, I will be moving into my new place soon and will be using Taskrabbit to find people willing to put my furniture together!

Original article “Call of Duty”, by Alexia Tsotsis. Featured in Wired, Aug 2011.

3 thoughts on “TaskRabbit – an eBay for real world labor

  1. What a great concept! A littel smattering of pride since I hail from the Boston area originally; coupled sparingly with a dash of it’s lazy origins. I think it has grown quite well though into a source for those that can’t or simply don’t want to do some mundane tasks and have that luxury to pay for it.

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