What really upsets me about the Mayweather Ortiz fight

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Much of the talk about the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight has been centered around the punch that ended the fight. Was it a sucker punch? Was it right what Mayweather did given that Ortiz had head butted him? Protect yourself at all times….

Yes it was a sucker punch. Yes Ortiz is stupid for not keeping his hands up. Yes the punch was legal. Yes Mayweather has no class (he did the same thing to Arturo Gatti, Mosley, and we all saw how immature and classless he was during the interview with Larry Merchant). However, what really upsets me about the fight was something that did not happen.

Over the course of the buildup of the fight, boxing and non-boxing fans got to know Victor Ortiz. (I had been following him since his classic fight with Maidana.) Fathers, mothers, sons & brothers heard a story about a kid and his brother being abandoned by both parents, left to fend for themselves. We learned about the physical and emotional struggles Ortiz has had to endure, not just inside the ring, but outside the ring as well. In essence, we became believers in him. Not necessarily believers thinking he was the one who would defeat Mayweather (Jose Luis Castillo actually beat Mayweather in their first fight – George Foreman & Jim Lampley even said it after the fight), but believers in him.

What upsets me about the Ortiz vs Mayweather fight is that Ortiz did not even stand up for himself after the cheap shot. He did not even protest. He did not even get upset or angry. He hugged Mayweather after the fight was over with a smile. He said the fight was ‘fun’.

What do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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