Congratulations to Dewey Bozella

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Held locked up for more than thirty years, one thousand six hundred weeks, eleven thousand three hundred fifteen days, Dewey Bozella is an amazing human being. Falsely accused for a crime he did not commit. Even when they dangled freedom in front of his face and all he had to do was admit his guilt, he said no, his moral integrity would not let him.

More than his amazing accomplishment of winning his first pro fight at the age of 52, a dream of his for all those years he was locked up, I admire him so much for his humility. Behind bars, forgotten by the world, he did not allow prison to make him bitter or hateful. And finally when released a free man, he didn’t tell the world “you owe me”. What happened in the past, he let go. Congratulations to Dewey Bozella.


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