Bike Scavenger Hunt in Houston Done

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It was the first time ever doing a scavenger hunt on a bike, but I did it. About 200 or so bikers gathered on Washington Avenue this past Saturday to challenge other teams in a fun scavenger hunt that lasted approximately 2-3 hours. I think my girlfriend and I did a great job considering we probably had the cheapest bikes in the bunch (8th place over all). Here are some of the questions we had to answer:

  • What is the most enjoyable way to make your house energy efficient? Drinking 50,000+ cans of beer of course! Find the most energy efficient house on the street named after a famous Utah Jazz basketball player.
  • Find the Trinity at the corner of the streets named after two dead presidents. One of them was a president of The Republic of Texas.
  • I can be found in San Diego as a former Naval Base, but you can also find me in Houston on Washington Ave. The sum of my numerical address is 4.

Want to take part in the next scavenger hunt? Check out Riddle Ride.

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