5 Ingredients for a Recovery Workout Shake by Eric Melchor

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The secret to consistently making a good health shake after your workout is keeping it simple. Historically, when I wanted a health shake I would go to Smoothie King, but that amounted to maybe once every few months. Going there takes time and money. However, recently one of my co-workers told me about their morning shakes that consisted of a few ingredients and I thought I’d give it a go and try making one.

There are only five ingredients and chances are you already have two of them in your kitchen – milk (preferably low fat milk) and a fruit (banana or strawberries). Other ingredients for this recovery workout shake include Kale – a vegetable high in vitamin C and K, honey, and whey protein – good for muscle building. Add them all together, blend them for about 8 seconds, and you are done!

I workout in the mornings so this workout shake has become my breakfast replacing my typical oatmeal. The fact that I have been drinking these now for three weeks straight, feel better and recovery faster after workouts, and even lost a couple of pounds has compelled me to share with you all. Feel free to experiment and share any suggestions about your recovery health shake.

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