10 Examples of how Men are becoming like Women

Is it me or are men starting to do more things that are considered feminine? Adam Carolla first noticed this back in 2004 and wrote about it in his book In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks. I can’t help to think he may be right.  Here to see 10 examples of how men are…

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Okay, the gender line is starting to blur when designers are creating this type of clothing for men.

menwearDo you wonder, are Men becoming more feminine? Are Men going to start wearing nail polish soon? Now I am not some kind of ex-military, tobacco chewing, Samurai warrior or anything, I think I’m just your normal guy who can’t help but notice the behavior and purchasing decisions that some men are doing. With that said, here are 10 examples of how men are starting to become more feminine. NOTE, do not take this post too seriously.

1.) Men who own little Dogs

Look, if it’s your girlfriend’s dog that’s fine, but for the men out there who own a dog that is smaller than a Cocker Spaniel or fluffier than a Poodle, I have one question – Why?! And don’t give me that “Well I have a small apartment” excuse. Yes, owning dogs and walking them outside is a good strategy for meeting women, but walking that Maltese around doesn’t make you look masculine.

2.) Men driving Small Cars

Now maybe it all started with the Mini Cooper which is not much bigger than the Fiat, but why on Earth are men driving these small cars? Do you really think you are going to get that model in the Fiat commercial (her legs don’t even fit in the car by the way). It’s like everywhere I look, I see more and more men driving these ‘cute’ little cars. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun to rent for a weekend when you are on vacation in Europe, but buying one of these because you want to be ‘Eco’ friendly is a bit far fetched.

3.) Men who are on Pinterest

So one day my girlfriend tells me that one of her male friends is now following her on Pinterest. I had heard of the site, but never checked it out. So when she logged on, I sat on the couch next to her to see what it was all about. Here are some of the headlines and pics I saw: 1. How to keep your jewelry from getting tangled, 2. Recipe for making brownies with mint, 3. Repurpose a China cabinet, 4. How to make a minty tea cooler… and the rest of the topics/pins or whatever you call them were all similar. Men, stop reading tips on how to manicure your nails and log back on to ESPN.

4.) Men playing Kadima paddle ball

paddle ball

All I can say is that when I was a boy growing up, my Dad never said “hey, let’s go play some paddle ball”. We either threw the football or baseball around.  Seeing grown men play this game with eachother just makes me shake my head.

5.) Just Bieber carrying Mayweather’s belt

You are pound for pound one of boxing’s best fighters and you let a teenage heart throb hold your championship belt when you walk into the ring to face your opponent? I wonder what Chris Rock would have to say about this. Justin Bieber carrying one’s championship belt into the ring is not very masculine. In fact, Justin Bieber anything is not macho. I understand Mayweather wanted to tap into Bieber’s audience, but who are they? 13 year old girls? And for anyone wondering if I had the guts to call Mayweather out in person, the answer is – absolutely.

6) Men wearing tight Jeans

Yes, I know they have been around for a few years now and maybe they are now considered fashionably okay to wear, but why?? They look absolutely ridiculous with the material clinging so tight to one’s skin. Seriously, how to guys walk and sit wearing those things? Unless you are a rock star or are just plain very skinny, tight jeans look good on women, not men. I know a lot of guys wear skinny jeans, but hence the word ‘guys’ and not ‘men’. Moreover, tight-fitting jeans can cause urinary tract infections, twisted testicles, bladder weakness and long-term health consequences.

7) Men carrying around Purses (Handbags)

I snapped this photo in DC. The color of the shorts has got to go, but let’s stick to the ‘man purse’. What do these men carry in these things? A mini-iron? There is no reason whatsoever for a man to walk around with a purse. If it’s not a backpack, duffel bag, gym sack, brief case, or wallet that fits in your back pocket, get rid of it! Same thing with reusable shopping bags… come on.

8) Men signing up to receive the Birchbox

Men, the only trial size grooming products you should ever need are the ones you take from hotels while on business trips.

9) Men getting their Eyebrows done (or waxed)

Back when I lived in Queens, New York, I would occasionally see some Italian guys getting their eyebrows done, but I thought this was a strictly cultural / Italian thing! Now however, I think this silly concept is happening in other parts of the country and not just among Italians! What’s next. Women waiting in line at the manicure place for men to be finished with their appointments? Unless you have a very bad case of a unibrow, men, pluck your eyebrows at home.

10) Men with Earrings & men who go to suntan salons

earring and spray tan

Deciding on what to list as the last example of how men are becoming more like women was tough. So I decided to list two things that just don’t make sense to me – men who wear earrings and men who go to suntanning salons. Can’t take a man seriously when he has bling in his ears. As for men going to the tanning salon, why? Do you really think a man’s tan is high on the criteria on the list of things women want in a man? Hanging by the pool catching some sun while drinking a beer is acceptable. Purposely going to a salon is not. I know a lot of guys wear earrings and go to tanning salons, but hence the word ‘guys’ and not ‘men’.

BONUS – Men taking wives’ last name

men taking wifes name, men acting more feminine

Huh? A man taking his wife’s last name? That is correct. One person commented on this article by saying “Turn in your Man Card”. You can read the story featured on USA Today. What do you think about this?

BONUS – Men wearing the same underwear as women

how men are acting like women, men wearing womens underwear, masculinity dying

Two New York City fashion designers are envisioning a world where men and women wear the same underwear. Couldn’t they find a male model with a chest and arm muscles or is that against the norm now too?

BONUS – Men engaging in slap fighting contest


BONUS – Men taking pole dancing classes as a ‘workout’

how men are starting to act like women

Perhaps some men saw ‘Magic Mike’ and took it the wrong way?

Bonus – Men taking cats as pets

men owning cats

Bonus – Men putting glitter on their beards

glitter on beards

Bonus – Make Up brands signing up male models

make up male models, male covergirl

My wife told me about this one and was flabbergasted. “Why would I ever buy make up because of a guy modeling it?!” she said. This is the statement from CoverGirl – “All of our CoverGirls are role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe, and redefining what it means to be beautiful.” I’m shaking my head as I read and post this…


To read more about this topic, see Oprah’s article Why Men Are Becoming More Like Women. If you want to read a hilarious book by a man who simply has the balls to publicly say what the few remaining real men in this world would say, then read In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks.

Men (and I purposely say ‘Men’ and not ‘Guys’), we are becoming a dying race. Feel free to share your comments and let me know if there are any examples I should have included. Cheers. – Eric

57 thoughts on “10 Examples of how Men are becoming like Women

  1. Loved your post! I think the behaviors above are part of the metrosexual movement hastened by too much watching of The Bachelor.

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  3. Great post! I was beginning to feel like I was a dinosaur and the only man on the planet thinking that men are acting alot like women. Another example, is alot of guys are beginning to wear accessories like belts, ear-rings, hand-bags, etc…like women. This implies, there are guys out there making conscious decisions about the trinkets and baubles they are going to wear in public! And for some reason, the guy is acting Like its cool or tough to do so. This activity is not tough…it’s Fem!

  4. That’s a most openly sexist article! In the modern environment, men and women should be treated equally, and each individual irrespective of their gender should be allowed to choose how to live. Just like it’s okay if a woman wants to be a boxer or ride a motorbike, men wanting to cook or wear jewelry should not be judged.

    • Najima, thanks for commenting. Keep in mind I grew up with a strong father figure and in my opinion, the gender line is starting to blur a little. – Eric

    • Sexist? I would take that as a compliment!Oh yeah treated equally? Go into a divorce court, pulled over by a cop (crying excessively), for a generally neutral job and see who gets it, food shopping, flat tire, auto repair shop (“women always get ripped off” but neglect the living crap out of their vehicles, how about why Toyota got so big? Aimed all it’s marketing towards women. Oh and my grand ole favorite BREAST CANCER AWARENESS!!!!!!!!! What a crock of crap! Where is the brown ribbon for colon cancer awareness, or prostrate cancer awareness? HMMMM. I wonder. Cut you boobs off and you have a self as-team problem. Cut your colon out and see how your life changes! How about all the guys running around screwed up from proton beam therapy on their prostrates! Meanwhile EACH one is more lethal than breast cancer! Strap that one on sister! “oh guys don’t know what it’s like to be a woman” yeah and the women don’t either today! Have to got to work when it feels like someone jammed a butcher knife into your back and gave it a couple good twists! Or molten metal fall into your boot through your pants! Swap your period! That is a laugh! Where were all the women that fought the wars,built the country(rail roads working in mines,steel mills, bridges, skyscrapers, the list would go on indefinitely! Just like all the effeminate men driving around like women and the women driving around on their cell phones!

  5. I do most of these…and I think that masculine stuff is pure jejune. I like to look and feel nice . I contour my eyebrows for the stage. I carry a messenger bag so my pockets aren’t all bent out if shape and looking stupid. I wear an earring …I do most of these…doesn’t mean I’m a woman, just means I’m happy with myself and I do not give a crap about what society thinks. I despise sports and violence and beer…so if you see me on the street and feel the need to stare and ridicule, go ahead it won’t hurt me none…I’m fashionable and gorgeous and I know it.!!

    • For those that don’t know what ‘jejune’ means (don’t worry, it was my first time hearing it too), the definition is: without interest or significance; dull; insipid.

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  7. It’s called progress. I dream of the day when men can openly wear women’s clothing, wear make-up and do all things feminine without being scrutinized by societies lame-ass rules. Your behaviors do not determine your sexuality and it is actually much healthier to live the way you want. If you are a straight guy who wants to jazz it up with a nice spray tan and eyebrow wax then you should be able to do just that without fear of harassment and being ostracized.

    Likewise, if you are a gay man and want to do the same thing, you should be able to without being viewed as a weirdo. Gay people are normal people too, nothing weird about them.

    We are slowly getting there. It might take another 50 years, but eventually the rules dividing men and women will be blurred so much there won’t be a line anymore. I can’t wait.

  8. Yea I am a guy and I have fallen into the habit of some of these already…My mom was astounded when I got my eyebrows waxed the first time but now she is used to it. Oh well, society is ever changing I guess…Like women wearing pants, working, voting, gym shorts….oh well….so men finally care about their appearance…I have no problem with that

  9. Well THIS guy doesn’t believe a word of it. According to the above, I must be like a woman because I do at least three of the above regularly, and others less so. But if you came up to me and accused me of being a woman, I’d scratch your eyes out.


  10. This article is really awesome and on point. The women talk and scream equality when it’s convenient to them, but when they want to be a woman they play the weaker sex role to get their way. I say screw that, they want to be equal, do it across the board. Same bathrooms, same locker rooms, play the same sport together, train the same, etc. See how long it lasts when you see a woman and a man boxing each other. The man will get ridiculed to no end for hitting a woman, but she will be hailed for her effort and maybe even put in history books as a woman who broke barriers. Men need to be men. It’s ok to be different than women. The obvious….WE ARE OPPOSITE SEXES! This post isn’t sexist, it’s pure fact. Truth hurts.

    • That`s the truth and why are we changing it..?? People do not realise the long term effects those changes will have on the character of some men. From a female perspective, you will find that to your advantage but I don`t think becoming feminine is a good thing. Feminity has its own beauty as well as masculinity. Simply learn to appreciate it instead of constantly criticising and trying to impose changes, especially to masculinity and that BIG changes.

  11. The fact is women have got some really good ideas that we as men are to stupid to do. I carry a purse and have for many years, it just makes sence, works so much better than pockets.If you work in an office all day and respondabiltis on the week -end, how are you to get some color to yourself? Spray tan is one way .Can’t wear boxer shorts, I set on my balls. I wear boy shorts to hold things in place, and I like pretty colors. You have most likely never experinced wearing a dress or skirt, don’t knock it till you try it. My first time was at the request of a girlfriend, she was a lot of fun. As fare as shaving my legs, yes , but I have nice looking legs, arm pits yes, i found that you are cooler in the summer and smell better, smelling bad is not a guy thing it is a stinkey thing. Thire is no rule that says if your a guy have no right to color your nails, it could be a guy color. Gun Blue ,Steel Grey,ect. To be a real man today is something like this. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated, work hard, take care of your mate, children, be kind to pets, show compastion for those less fortunit than you. You can do this is wearing make-up,dress,pantyhose,nail polish ect.

    • I m the same like you, I always wear only women’s clothes and underwear but in an androgynous way. And go to shops and try on and buy only from women’s departments. The sales assistants are puzzled some times but when I smile and talk to them kindly they realise that I am good person and they relax.

  12. I’m so glad you’ve put a voice to what I’ve been silently thinking for years. I consider myself to be pretty socially liberal, and given I’m only 23 years old I wouldn’t say I’m out of touch with our times. I just can’t tell you how much of a turn off it is to see men acting and dressing in feminine ways..if it makes some individuals happier I can’t begrudge them..but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been disturbed and unsettled by men who behave in ways more feminine than myself. (And I’d consider myself a girly girl) It’s not about gender equality, people should be able to do what makes them happy as you said..it’s just a trend that rightly or wrongly as a woman I feel confused by on an instinctual level. I’ve always felt that finding one’s soulmate or partner has meant finding your other half, that person that completes and fulfills you.. and brings qualities to the relationship that you might not have yourself. (the ying and the yang) And as a feminine woman I don’t feel that a man displaying these qualities will appreciate the feminine side in me..or want to be taken care of..or take care of me. You put a funny spin on the issue, but you’re right in alluding to the fact that in some ways it’s become more serious/prevalent than people would like to admit.

    • Enjoy your comment, especially this part – “And as a feminine woman I don’t feel that a man displaying these qualities will appreciate the feminine side in me..or want to be taken care of..or take care of me.” I am in agreement with you. What girl wants a guy who spends more time than they do on their appearance and shopping?

    • Very rightly said. In a couple, the female and the male complete each other. Otherwise in the future we shall have lesbian couples everywhere. Come on !! What`s happening with people nowadays..?? If being more masculine makes a man happy, then why can`t he? A man likes the feminine side of a woman but it seems that this feeling is not reciprocal for many !!

  13. Man I was wondering the very same thing you are. The other day i go to the pharmacy to get my meds. This guy (if you could call him that) working behind the counter looked so feminine it was creepy and talked like a 15 yr old girl. When I walked up to the counter he looks at me like i’m some sort of alien for LOOKING AND ACTING LIKE A MAN!! He had this condensending tone to his girl voice when he asked “Can I help you?”, as if he had better things to do with his time, like texting his boyfriend maybe I dunno.
    And I was like yeah ma’am go fetch my meds and be quick about it!! It makes me SICK!! I see so many “prissy” guys walking around I kept thinking “has the whole world turned gay? WTF?!”

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  15. Why does it honestly matter to you how others present themselves? it doesn’t have any impact on your life, so why do you feel the need to write an article doing nothing more than belittling others for choosing to be who they really are? It’s easy to just assume that all men are like you and want to be “manly men” who drive big cars and don’t care about their appearance, but that simply isn’t the case. Those who don’t fall into traditional gender roles have had it difficult up until this point and it’s terrific for them that society’s expectations of masculinity and femininity are finally easing up. Rather than attacking others for their benign life choices, you should focus on yourself and let them live the lives they want. This article you’ve written is nothing short of pointless and vitriolic.

    Also, smaller cars are not only more environmentally friendly, but consume less gas, as well. Less gas equals less money, so it really is a functionality thing. Handbags are a matter of functionality, as well. Some of us actually do carry more than just our wallet around with us, and I don’t mean makeup and whatnot (although that shouldn’t be a problem if a guy does). As an artist, I carry around a small sketchbook wherever I go, and having a bag makes it much easier to do so.

    • GreaseMonkey, lighten up. I also recommend you read ‘Where Have All the Men Gone’s’ comments – “A girl doesn’t want a guy who spends more time than they do on their appearance and shopping”

    • That is just it, they aren’t who they really are. They are who they have been conditioned to be in this modern effeminate United States. The LGBT agenda is having dire and terrible consequences in this country. Don’t get me wrong, I have zero against gay folks. My daughter’s closest friends is a young gay man. Great guy, funny, smart. I have been hit on by gay men several times in my life, and it didn’t bother me a bit. A little uncomfortable, but no more uncomfortable than when hit on by an unattractive woman. Love who you want, but quit pushing this agenda or there will be a breaking point…..like when Canada invades and kicks our ass because there are no men left to defend the country. Transgender, now that is a different story, and I will not hide my disdain. Recent studies have shown that 80% of transgender folks either regret their decision or feel no less confused or lost than prior to mutilating themselves via surgery and drugs. Now we see this shit being pushed on little fricken kids, or kids allowed to do this crap before their fricken brains have even developed. Sorry, but it is disgusting and criminal. Let me ask you this……if I am born a human, but I feel like I am a chicken, would you think I had some type of mental issue? Why yes you would. By extension, a person born with a penis, yet feeling that they are a woman is a person with mental health issues. That is not a judgment, it is not hate, it is simple infallible logic and truth. People who feel that way should not be allowed to mutilate themselves, they should be given psychological help. But not in today’s totally f’d up America where “tolerance” trumps reality and facts. Guess what? Not everything should be tolerated, that is what standards are for. Then again, standards have mostly disappeared in this country too, so not a surprise.
      The last comment I will make is that the 20-something generation is the one that has embraced these changes the most. The same generation that can’t take care of themselves and move into their parents basements after college because they don’t have what it takes to make it. Do we as a society really want to even slightly pay attention to this group? I say no, and I don’t. If you can’t take care of yourself, your opinion of anything is pretty useless.

  16. Although I think it’s perfectly fine for girls/women to have manly hobbies (riding bikes, workout) there should always be a line. I am not a sexist, but a girl (who has a boyfriend) shouldn’t be working around the house. Support, yes, but not redo the entire house. Men should be men and women should be women. There’s a reason we are different, don’t make us the same, it doesn’t work. Guys will never love shopping and most girls won’t love the car scene like the guys do. I am grossed out by boys who where designer clothes as if they were girls. I rarely see real manly men, and I’m glad I am one of them abd always will be. Girls may like feminine boys when they’re young, but at some point it’s not gonna work.

  17. Well, I personally think men becoming more feminine is a GOOD thing. Men are getting better hygiene, eating better, LOOKING better. It really is just one big “positive” movement. If a little bit of “masculinity” is lost along the way, I think it is a completely fair trade and one that will greatly benefit the entire Earth. Let’s face it, the way women act is just “better.” To add this aspect to the male lifestyle will only improve men overall. Masculinity wasn’t really anything to be proud of in the first place. All it really did was get guys into trouble by trying to act tough, getting into fights, drinking too much, sleeping around, etc, etc.

    Examples of why this feminine movement is a good thing: Sharing your feelings is important for mental health and this will cause a decrease in crime rate now that men are becoming more open. Dressing better, cleaning the body and eating better makes the entire population just healthier in general which means less trips to the hospital (yes, dressing poorly as well as bad hygiene can lead to fungus infections and other diseases).

    Men owning small dogs means that smaller dogs have more homes to go to which will help find homes for smaller dogs who may have been in shelters.

    Fake tans are SO MUCH healthier than real tans, so you shouldn’t complain about them. Plus, there is such thing as a “good” fake tan. You just have to spend the right amount of money to get it.

    All in all, the only people who are against the movement are those who grew up with strict ideas of what “gender” really is. Times have changed and gender means MORE than just “girl and “boy.” It’s actually quite ridiculous to think that men and women need to “act” in specific ways in order to conform to the desires of society. I say it’s best to break out of your comfort box, because all you non-conformists really are is “uncomfortable.” You “feel” like it’s wrong due to your upbringings as children.

    Realize that the world is better off this way. I would rather look at a man with perfectly fitted clothing, a nice tan, perfect skin, a nice personality, walking a cute dog than a grungy guy who hasn’t shaven in a week, smells like beer and has no manners (especially towards women). If you look at it this way, it’s no wonder the men in the world are becoming more feminine.

    It’s more appealing.

    • @PinkCrystal Men acting more feminine is not a good thing and is not better for this world. Do you believe feminine men could have founded our country and taken on the British army to win our independence? Would you consider General Patton or Teddy Roosevelt a feminine man?

      Eric Melchor

    • You’re utterly delusional, masculinity has nothing to do with the things you listed, that’s just irresponsible behaviour; sleeping around, drinking, acting tough, fights. That’s probably what you were taught about manly men growing up but it’s a lie. It’s a lack of maturity. Masculinity is strong character, being a leader, decisive etc. Fashion always changes so that is more of a smaller part of this argument. Gender roles need to be clearly defined because it stabilizes society. I’m all for the acceptance of the LGBT’s in society but not at the expense of men. You said crime rates are likely to decrease because of this movement, you’re wrong. Crime rates have increased wildly. Divorce rates are increasing drastically, and statistics show that it is women that are divorcing the men in large numbers.

      The men can’t meet the demands more often than not of the women. Domestic disputes are worsening, more verbally than physically these days. ‘Dressing poorly’ has nothing to do with hygiene, hygiene is how clean you are, stop spreading lies.

      Trying to please a women by getting a fake tan, buying designer clothes etc is not healthy for relationships because it’s giving up your role as a man (giving up your masculinity) in order to get laid etc. You said it’s ridiculous that men and women need to act in specific ways in order to conform to the desires of society, well women and homosexual men (through fashion) are driving this conformity to being feminine. You yourself are being a hypocrite in your post, saying masculine men should drop it and conform to your way of ‘acting’, ‘it’s more appealing’ you say, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it but don’t pretend to hold the moral high ground, everyone is different.

      Masculinity has nothing to do with sharing your feelings, men have always more or less shown their feelings in their own ways, women are more verbal, men more through their actions traditionally, homosexual men are more verbal obviously. Yes I agree that it’s good that society has become more accepting of different types of people but to at the same time become less accepting of masculinity causes problems which are only now becoming more noticeable.

      Please rethink your stance.

      • Agree completely with you. Very well said, why change masculinity?? Men are not so verbally expressive. Not accepting masculinity is very visible as we more often hear critics on men and as you mentioned, the problems associated are becoming more noticeable. I agree that humans get bored easily and always desire change but you should not try to change masculinity to such an extent that our roles in society are reduced. Glad to know that am not the only one who thinks so.

  18. whats wrong wit guys becoming more girly. i dont like the past john wayne wanna b jerks ,. that beat us and want sex 24/7. plus they smell old spice ewww. anyhow real men are more like women soft cudly n gentle n avoid fights n trying 2 look tough n dont smile ever!

  19. Man are you right! Those skinny jeans and wing eyebrows are a riot! Young women seem to like the asexual look.

  20. I feel this is just another form of rebellion, like back in the early 70s when men grew their hair long, sprouted facial hair and wore grungy clothes. As an old woman, I find it unattractive only when feminine vocabulary with a lot of conspicuous lispy pronunciations are used. Yes straight guys do this too. Don’t mind the clean sleek crap, lots of men could stand to smell better, but some young guys sound more the princess than I’ve ever been. Makes me mad. I’m the lady, not you, quit trying to steal my thunder you hairy ass oafs. 🙂

    • All the women around me stopped wearing dresses, slips and pantyhose and seemed to discard their femininity. That left a void that I was only too eager to fill! I mean, since I was a child I loved crossdressing and somebody has to act, dress, look and be feminine so I took the initiative, stepped up to the plate and adopted self-feminization as my way of life and it has been exquisitely fabulous and I am so glad I traded in my man-card for full-on life in lipstick, lingerie and high heels. I can assure you I am neither hairy nor an oaf but am quite in fact, a soft, slender, meek, submissive, body-hairless, pretty-faced, perfumed prissy princess of all things girly and from here on out will only get more feminine. I have no visible arm nor upper body muscles and I have no intention of building any. The only things I curl are my eyelashes and the lush, wavy mane of my scalp. Nobody will ever catch me watching football nor hanging out drinking beer with the guys. I am more lady than any female I know and I did not steal anybody’s thunder. All I did was step into a set of abandoned lingerie and a pair of abandoned high heels and inherited a closet full of skirts and pretty dresses and a fully stocked makeup vanity. BUT, if you ever run into me I would love to buy you a cocktail and enjoy your company as just one of the girls. I am asexual so any guys we might run into may be all yours if you so desire. I have no desire to compete with you over anything. In fact, I respect and admire you and value you as a genetic, natal woman that I can never be. Best of all, I suspect you and I are about the same age. I just want to be girlfriends with you so if you run into me while out and about, just show me any simple gesture of kindness that girlfriends do and you will likely be pleasantly surprised at what a great friend this very ‘passing’ male-to-female transsexual can be to you. Peace, love and girly hugz and sissy kissies!

  21. I agree with all these except the car. Sometimes it’s all you can afford.
    Men are becoming more like women because of 1. Too many are pussy hungry and would turn to being like a woman just to get closer. 2. They follow people like lil Wayne, drake, Justin bieber. 3. They spend more time on their Facebook and Twitter than they do performing any manual labour. 4. Because we live in a world where feminism and activist have pressured them into normalising homosexual behaviour and feminist cultures.

  22. Very interesting article. Im Italian and don’t pluck my eyebrows. I do however buzz the middle or id be the king of the uni. Men became gradually weaker after Ww2 and dramatically weaker after the cold war. Yes there was effeminates during the cold war due to the sexual revolution. I truly wish the cold war was still around because it was a healthy rivalry against not just the Soviets but the weakness of ourselves. And no neither one of our country’s then would use the nuke due to the policy of M.A.D….(mutual assurred destruction).
    Unfortunately for America since then we have become globalistic and hate nation’s that are nationalistic. We see weakness as virtue and strength as degenerative. We let feminists,homosexuals, cultural Marxism to define what masculinity is, which they always define to the betterment of their imperative. Weak men is good for them strong men bad for them. Yet they fail to realize masculine strength is what built the nation they now seek to destroy through degenerative policies. They seek equality they say but honestly they seek to be our rulers. Why do we allow this? I say its due to almost all of us wanting to get a piece of ass at any cost. Men stop listening to people on how to be masculine when they aren’t men or effeminate men. Stop with watching tv and porn. Stop the excessive drinking which is lowering your testosterone. Stop reading mens health, maxim, gq,etc… read old books.
    Learn how to hunt get dirty rough house with your sons, fight a friend for fun, put your life in danger. Stop saying your sorry unless you really fuck up which then you ask for forgiveness never say sorry, sorry is for women and kids. Be fashionable but dont be ocd about it, simple and decent. Throw away all the needlish shit away. Minimize yet maximize the quality of tools,clothes,friendships,any and everything. Embrace life by putting yourself on the street for a week. Fear failure and smile at death. Fuck your wife or woman without fear sometimes choke them and sometimes make love to them. You should be her strength and her your compassion. If she wants to talk dont clam up bring strength dont tell her what she wants to hear but needs to. Dont put anyone on a pedestal everyone can be replaced. Be brutally honest and dont mind being called names for your strength. If you have no enemies your life is weak and you have no values. love life, fear failure, smile at death….

    • I am a 48 y.o.woman, married to the man of my dreams for 21 years. If he ever shaved his balls, tweezed his eyebrows, shaved his arms or wore tight jeans, I would be livid. I want a MAN, not another fkg woman! One of us having to do all that bullsh!t is enough, never mind two.
      Men, there are plenty of women who still appreciate your masculinity. Don’t change.
      And who in the f×ck ever said men had to smell bad, commit domestic violence or dress like sh/t if they didn’t act and dress like women? My husband treats me like his queen, smells great and is always clean and dressed just fine.
      We both work so don’t try and throw that damn card on the table. Poor men, I feel bad for y’all. Hang in there and wait for a woman who appreciates all you bring to the table ; )

  23. The most effeminate habit of modern American men, is their habit of taking no accountablity. They blame their own actions and behaviours on feminism, society, media, women in general, their upbringings, being the victim of racism, etc….Anything rather than take responsibilty for the mess they are……There is nothing more unattracitve than a whining, sniveling, raging, bitter, resentful, effeminate “man” who spends his days raging and hating all women. These guys are so out of touch with reality that they don’t even realize that many women are not “feminists” at all. Still they rage and even name-call stay at home mothers, because they are jealous that these stay at home mothers have a big strong man to provide and protect for them.

    You see, that is what is being missed here. As men become more female-like they also become more resentful and jealous of actual real women. Open your eyes to this truth and you’ll see it everywhere.

  24. Your definitely right my friend I’m not against fashion or people’s preferences but some men and boys especially are becoming more feminine.it maybe the media or social changes but some women are becoming more masculine too like hitting the gym being loud/swearing wearing mens clothes don’t know what’s happening but men should be men and women should be women period!

  25. The other side of this equation is that women are also becoming more masculine. Its no coincidence that White male-Asian female marriages are so common. I’m married to an Asian Woman, [who’s feminine, but definitely not submissive]. The feminist movement of the sixties and seventies did a great deal to empower women [which was great!] yet it often emasculated men. I find Asians to be mostly free of this modern feminist dogma, which is part of the reason I ended up marrying one. I say without reservation that my wife is my soulmate! Yes we argue at times, yet she likes the fact that I’m physically stronger and tougher than her, in the same way I love it that she’s more emotional and gentle than me.
    The feminist agenda is totally out of control. Political Correctness [feminism’s dirtiest weapon] is nothing but pseudo-righteous name calling. How many men and women are truly sick and tired of hearing someone being called “sexist, racist, homophobic, a chauvinist, ageist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic”, and other such puerile names? Wake up and see that boys are in a state of crisis! This is evident in rates of incarceration, mental health problems, educational under achievement, measures of happiness and more. A single Mom no more understands what her son needs in order to become a completed man, than a single Dad would his daughter’s needs in growing into healthy womanhood. Yet these P.C “Intelligentsia” push the LGBQT mission as if its the answer to everything.
    To be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender are natural and legitimate realities for some folks, and history proves this to be normal. Yet the toxic modern feminist agenda -and it’s delusional “championing of ‘victims'”, would have all people questioning their sexuality and doubting the biological gender mother nature assigned them. We can identify as another gender, but what rests or swings between our legs actually defines our gender. Those who feel moved to get a sex change [from a non-reactive state of mature, self-compassionate choice ] I have great respect for. Yet the name calling P.C. people espousing the virtues of being transgender etc., rarely opt to have their own “goolies” hacked off, or to have a pair of “goolies” attached to their own genitalia. To them I say “walk your talk or shut up”! Most of these would be “moral police” were raised in affluent homes, yet identify as “oppressed victims” on account of mother natures random bestowal of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation etc. upon them”. Very few of these types have experienced poverty or material hardship; to put it bluntly, I call them “manipulators”.
    Having thrown in my “humble” opinions here I rest more easily now in the knowledge that other men and women are aghast at the virtual castration of young males; may political correctness choke on its own disgusting name calling!

  26. I agree and do none of thes, but i myself like to wear fashoin briefs and boxers and although i am lean and toned it offends me that a guy model has to be built in order to be a model. Just like woman are always tired of woman models being slim I am tired male models being portrayed as built Van Diesal looking guys. Something else to write about. Also what about woman being more like men. l think they blurr the line more than man if you ask me. 🙂

  27. Other feminine traits:
    1. Drinking Coffee
    2. Wearing Hats
    3. Wearing gloves
    4. Grooming
    5. Flicking hair back
    6. Wearing pants
    7. Rolling eyes
    8. Cooking
    9. Paying attention to men
    10. Criticizing men how they dress, act, etc….
    11. Using Lotion, Soap, shampoo
    12. Being concerned about health
    13. Worrying what other think about them
    14. Daydreaming
    15. Being concerned about well being of others
    16. Eating salads
    17. Being sad
    18. Wanting families
    19. Getting sick
    20. Wine tasting
    21. Wanting to look good for the opposite sex
    22. Making lists of any kind
    22. Obeys laws

    I could go on, but you get the point.
    Only a real man would blaze his own trail, and does not let others dictate or control what he is, or does.
    A real man has no fear of who he is, and fears no man or woman, but has a healthy respect for all. A real man can go out in a dress, and will not let the fact that he’s in women clothes effect his gender.
    It takes a man of courage to have this demeanor, and only an effeminate would be concerned about what other men, of anybody for that matter is doing with their life

  28. I definitely agree that men wearing feminine clothing and fussing over their appearance is going too far. Oddly, though, a lot of these issues wouldn’t apply to me at all because of my hobbies and interests being primarily in electronics and computers. Except maybe liking cats over dogs.

    I have no pets, because I don’t really want to deal with the hassle and maintenance of owning a living thing. It’s just another mouth to feed and it might chew up something I don’t want chewed up. Though I would prefer a cat as a lower-maintenance and less emotionally needy pet than a dog.

    I don’t own a car because I haven’t yet learned how to drive, and mostly take the bus or rely on family members to take me where I need to go. I wouldn’t consider a tiny little car like that one, but I was thinking of getting a four-door sedan like a Toyota Corolla or something when I do learn. I’m also thinking it would be cool to have a pick-up truck so I could carry stuff in the back of it, but I worry about the fuel milage. I don’t care about the environment, but I do care about how much I spend on gas.

    I actually don’t play any sports at all because I’m into video gaming. I’m not very strong or tough, and I focus all my energy on books, so gaming gives me that outlet for competitive impulses without having to do a lot of physical moving around.

    Tight jeans? Well, not on purpose, though I have had jeans shrink before and then tried to wear them. That was unpleasant. As for handbags, I wouldn’t do that, but I do often wear a backpack even though I’m not in school anymore. It seems less weird than a guy with a purse, and it lets me carry my laptop along with a few books. Sure, I also have stuff like a comb and sunglasses, but those are the only accessories I bother with.

    I’m definitely not interested in tans, earrings, or messing with my eyebrows. That is really weird to me, even most of my female friends aren’t that vain. Granted, most of them are nerds like me. Basically, my circle of friends consists of men and women that all wear hoodies, jeans, and sneakers most of the time. We’re pretty much lazy, androgynous nerds that don’t put much effort into our appearance. Sure, some of the girls still kinda watch what they eat to avoid getting fat, and we still tend to get more fixated on fixing stuff or being competitive, but that’s it really.

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