Houston’s 4th Collective takes on 48HFP – Again

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48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a movie that will be shown at a local theater the next week…. no problem! The 4th Collective –  a group of Houston actors who band together and make some of the hilarious short films you will ever see. Take for instance, El Hobonito – a short comedy about a hobo who shows a young kid the ropes on how to claim a street corner (when begging for money), bathe in a pool, take a park bench from another homeless person… you get the idea.

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In 2009 4th Collective won the Houston 48 hour film project. Their film, Subterfuge, showed what really goes on in the minds of people who are participating at speed dating events. See it below.

This past June I was invited by Lindsey Hunt from 4th Collective to see them film live their 2012 entry into the 48 Hour Film Project. The set alone was a sight to see with empty beer bottles, needles, and a 6 month old Christmas tree. Sort of a ‘Fight Club’ like kind of set. Once the film is posted online, I will provide a link. In the meantime, don’t forget to see their comedies on Youtube.

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