Move over Metro – Community Transportation is on its Way

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Cut down on traffic, reduce the number of cars on the road, save money on gas? There is an app for that.

Have to walk far to get to your bus stop where you then have to wait an additional 15-20 minutes for the bus to arrive? Do you have to drive 30-45 minutes to get to work and gas prices are killing you? Do you get jealous when you see other drivers going 65 mph on the HOV lane? Well An app called SideCar just launched and it connects you with other drivers in your community. All you have to do is enter your pick up and drop off location and then wait for the driver to pick you up. The best part – there is no charge! However, users are expected to leave a donation.

See a List of Shared Goods and Services Companies like SideCar

Okay, so you are uncomfortable riding with a stranger. To make you feel safer, the app’s website promises that “Every community driver is licensed, insured and background-checked” as well as interviewed over video chat. Furthermore, the users are allowed and encourage to leave ratings about each driver and there may be even GPS-tracking for each driver (per the SideCar website).

I think I might sign up as a driver. Who knows, if you commute near Midtown or Greenway Plaza, I could be your driver. Just don’t expect me to play Britney Spears or Justin Bieber for you.

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