It’s Easy to Stay in Shape with these two Apps

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The only two fitness apps I use to keep me motivated in the gym.

It’s crazy, but I never had much care to read the ingredients listed on the packages of the food I ate, but with the My Fitness Pal app, I actually enjoy using my iPhone to scan bar codes to see how many calories I am consuming and more. With this app, you can log what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. Did you know that one Shipley’s glaze donut has 217 calories!

Using this app will definitely make you think twice about eating that second donut or drinking that coke. In addition, you can log in any exercise you did for the day like running, boxing, or weight lifting, and the app will subtract the calories burned from the overall number of calories you are supposed to have throughout the entire day. And it’s not just food you can enter. Calorie count for Martinis, Coronas, and Wines are also listed.

Now for the 2nd app, I didn’t think I would ever defer to an app to look for different workout exercises, but the Nike Training Club app has got some very cool ones. Categories are listed as ‘lean’, ‘toned’, ‘get strong’ and ‘get focused’. Once you choose a category, there are about 20 different exercises that include step by step instructions on how to do the exercise and pictures to show the movements. Excellent app! I am no stranger to the gym. I usually do sets from the 300 Workout or movement that my fitness buddy Cedric Cosiac taught me, but incorporating movements from the Nike app have made my workouts a lot more interesting. Enjoy!

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