Houston Golf Pro shares Great Advice

Like This!

After years of playing basketball, tennis, competing in sprint triathlons, and taking my share of beatings doing Krav Maga, I felt the urge to give golf a try. So, Corina and I took a lesson with Houston golf pro Carl Collura. Carl not only offered great tips and instruction, we feel we actually know how to give the club a proper swing.

Houston golf pro instructs how to grip the golf club

Even if I can’t hit the ball like Tiger Woods, I at least feel I can compete with him in golf attire. Check out the short socks with the Adidas shoes – that European look.

A bit about Carl Collura, not only does he have a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to take lessons from, Carl has been teaching at Memorial Park for over 13 years. His clientele ranges from beginner to touring professional. Personally, I felt like a 30 minute lesson with him would have been like taking 5 or 10 lessons with another Pro since I learned so much about the proper way to swing. The one great tip Carl shared with me and I am happy to share with you, is that it is not about hitting the golf ball – it’s about the swing. Forget about the ball and just focus on the swing. Once I did that, I began hitting the ball with ease. Moreover, I bought a used 7 iron and can’t wait to go back to the range!

It only took Carl 10 minutes to teach someone with no athletic skill whatsoever on how to hit a golf ball!

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