The Smart and Efficient approach to keeping Students Safe

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Some school districts are taking an innovative approach to keeping our kids safe – setting up police satellite offices in public school.

police in schools

I am in unanimous approval of Police Chiefs and City Councils who are in favor of this approach – allowing police officers to conduct some of their daily work in schools. It’s smart, efficient, doesn’t cost the taxpayers any additional money, and it should discourage any would-be attackers. Officers can take calls, fill out paperwork, and still go out to the community to patrol or respond to emergencies. Having an officer on campus most of the time would cut response time in an emergency from roughly four minutes to 30 to 60 seconds. Isn’t that wonderful?

Now the school is not a police station. People who want to file complaints or meet with an officer will still have to go to the main police station. As for where on campus should officers set up shop, near the front door of course.  If there isn’t an office available, make one. Install bullet proof windows that give a view of everyone coming into and exiting the building.

officer at school

So far the town of Jordan, Minnesota has taken this approach. Hopefully others will soon follow. After all, it’s smart, efficient, and is common sense.

Original article “Police in 1 Minnesota town set up shop in schools” appeared in Yahoo News on Friday, March 1st.


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