Does the NRA Promote Violence Against Women?

Like This!

Female life size target shooting dolls that bleed when shot. Get them at your local NRA meetings.


For many Americans, the NRA symbolizes a pro-gun organization that is determined to promote and make available arms, hand guns, machine guns, and assault weapons for the general public. Just this past year, they have run tasteless ads against Obama, which New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rightfully condemned. And most recently at their convention in Houston, the NRA’s key note speech compared New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Hitler. Seriously? Compare him to Hitler because he wants to put a tax on supersize soft drinks? In case the NRA hasn’t noticed, America has an obesity problem with one-third of American kids are considered overweight or obese. Taxing soft drinks is a good idea because it can shoulder the annual health care costs related to obesity. The idea was actually suggested by a Texas State Senator Eddie Lucio two years ago. But enough about their insipid ads and key note speakers. What is more outrageous is that fact that are their events, female shooting targets dubbed “the Ex girlfriend”, are marketed and sold.


Yes, at NRA events you can buy an actual life-size female doll that bleeds when you shoot it because we all know, NRA members need to protect themselves from the government, Democrats, and now ex-girlfriends who are out to get them. Or wait, maybe this was the kind of target practice Radcliffe Haughton Jr. would have liked as he drove to his wife’s work, killed her and shot six other women, killing two of them with shots to the head before shooting himself dead. Look at the boy below, one of the young attendees at the 2013 NRA convention. What is he learning from being exposed to female mannequin targets like this? And in 10 years when he starts to commit violence against women, people will wonder why.


Oppressive towards women. Incompassionate towards families of gun victims. Tasteless ads towards our President and his children. Comparing Bloomberg to Hitler. This is the NRA.


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