Best app that Helps You Save Money

Like This!

Digit is the easiest and funnest way to save money without hurting your wallet.

Best App to Save Money


More exciting than a roller coaster ride. More delicious than a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice scream. Ok, chillax. But seriously, this is one of my top 3 apps because it helps you save money without even noticing you are saving money! And the team at Digit throw some of the most humorous gifs at you that you are excited to receive sms notifications from them. Man I luv this app.

In just two months I’ve saved $300 using Digit. It’s easy to start by just downloading the app. Though most of your Digit transactions can be done via text messaging. After you link your checking account, Digit will open a savings account for you with one of it partner banks. Then, every few days Digit will save money for you passively – 3, 4, 7 dollars here and there. The idea is for you to hardly notice the money is leaving your checking account, but over time you will end up accumulating a lot of savings in the long run. Don’t want to spurge on the Ferragamo shoes or Reiss suit all at once? Use Digit and you’ll have money saved in no time!

See the Digit video and learn more about Digit. Have fun!




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