The Secret to Success Has Nothing to Do with Bullshit Like “Passion”

Success cannot outrun you once you decide to be committed.

Texican Grit

Eat fewer calories every day, you’ll lose weight.

Write down your goals, set a plan, work on them and you’ll grow as a person. (Hello, BestSelf Journal!)

Be persistent in sending out media pitches, get on TV. (No, fucking really). See my interview on Great Day Houston here.)

Prepare for an interview the right way, get a job offer.

So much of success comes down to cause + effect. We like to have these American Idol notions of FATE and THE STARS WERE ALIGNED!, but the reality is far from the truth. I know no one likes to hear that because it makes us sound less talented. Simply sitting down, focusing, and having the grit (the TexicanGrit kind) of doing the work every single day implies that maybe we aren’t so special after all – that maybe putting in the time is the real reason for success.

And yes, putting in the time is non-negotiable. You have to give it. As simple as that sounds, most people won’t put in the time. They know they should, but binge watching on Netflix or sleeping in late wins. The truth is, the secret to success is believing that it will show up if you do – day after day. There’s a motivational quote for you: don’t stop, even when it feels like progress is moving at a snail’s pace.

Because there will come a time, when success can’t outrun you anymore. Not when you’re moving toward it with the end goal in mind. The odds aren’t about luck: it’s about grit and putting in the time. The grit to keep going, even when the passion has gone away.





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