Houston Mayor and volunteers encouraging kids to return to school

Way to go! to all the volunteers who participate in the annual Houston dropout recovery walk. The ‘Grads Within Reach’ walk began in 2004 and has expanded to 22 Texas school districts.

School dropouts wake up on a Saturday morning to an unexpected knock on their door from volunteers encouraging them to return to school. “One kid dropping out of school is one kid too many.” Message to the dropouts – “We’re all here to tell you that you can do this” says Houston Mayor Annise Parker.

Original story by Safiya Ravat, Houston Chronicle



How middle and highschool kids can learn new-media skills with Giant Campus

When most people think of online education, they think of online college courses for traditional subjects. Peter Findley has changed and has developed online curricula for high schools, offering electives such as entrepreneurship, forensics, law and veterinary medicine. Giant Campus delivers fun electives and career prep courses that go beyond the core curriculum.

More than 52,000 students took Giant Campus courses in 2009. “Universities are a nexus of knowledge – it’s nice to have people to bounce ideas off of, especially when you’re younger.” I am definitely telling my teenage sister about Giant Campus!