The Secret to Success Has Nothing to Do with Bullshit Like “Passion”

Success cannot outrun you once you decide to be committed.

Texican Grit

Eat fewer calories every day, you’ll lose weight.

Write down your goals, set a plan, work on them and you’ll grow as a person. (Hello, BestSelf Journal!)

Be persistent in sending out media pitches, get on TV. (No, fucking really). See my interview on Great Day Houston here.)

Prepare for an interview the right way, get a job offer.

So much of success comes down to cause + effect. We like to have these American Idol notions of FATE and THE STARS WERE ALIGNED!, but the reality is far from the truth. I know no one likes to hear that because it makes us sound less talented. Simply sitting down, focusing, and having the grit (the TexicanGrit kind) of doing the work every single day implies that maybe we aren’t so special after all – that maybe putting in the time is the real reason for success.

And yes, putting in the time is non-negotiable. You have to give it. As simple as that sounds, most people won’t put in the time. They know they should, but binge watching on Netflix or sleeping in late wins. The truth is, the secret to success is believing that it will show up if you do – day after day. There’s a motivational quote for you: don’t stop, even when it feels like progress is moving at a snail’s pace.

Because there will come a time, when success can’t outrun you anymore. Not when you’re moving toward it with the end goal in mind. The odds aren’t about luck: it’s about grit and putting in the time. The grit to keep going, even when the passion has gone away.





Cards Against Matrimony – A Hilarious Wedding Game

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Trying to think of a way to spice up your wedding reception? Create your own Cards Against Matrimony game.

cards against matrimony

When planning our wedding this year, I knew our emcee was going to get people on the dance floor and ensure everyone had fun doing the wobble (I still can’t do that dance properly), but what about during the dinner portion? At most weddings, this time is a little awkward. The wedding party is at their exclusive table eating while all eyes are upon them and there is nothing really going on. So my wife and I decided to spice up this part of the evening with a game. I looked around online for ideas and at first considered mad libs or questions to put on the table like ‘what should we name our first child? Then one morning while jogging, it hit me.


fun game for wedding reception

fun wedding game, cards against matrimony

Cards Against Matrimony!

No it’s not a game, it’s an idea based off the hilarious game Cards Against Humanity. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. If you haven’t played it yet, what planet do you live on? It makes for a great night filled with lots of laughs with 6 – 12 friends.

So, the twist is…. you can create your own version of the game by having lots of cards with different questions (as you can see above, players need to fill in the blank), and have someone at your wedding collect the cards and select a few winners (cards with the funniest answers). At our wedding, the winners received a prize – a group photo with us, the Bride and Groom : )

cards against matrimony

cards against humanity wedding game

The best part of planning your wedding reception!

Gents, this will be the most fun you’ll have planning your wedding (like we really partake in the planning anyway). Coming up with the questions was absolutely hilarious. My fiance, now wife, had so much fun in thinking of questions to display on the cards. At some point we realized that we didn’t want to have too many, so we decided on roughly twelve questions for the game. Instead of having a simple black cover for the other side of the card, we included some fun pics of us, with our family, and pics we had taken over time with friends.

hilarious wedding game, better than cards against humanity

fun game for wedding reception

How do I create my own version of Cards Against Matrimony?

First, grab your fiance and spend some time brainstorming fun questions you can display on the cards. Take a few days and hilarious ideas will come to you naturally. Then select the pictures of you and your fiance which you’d like to use for your deck. Once you have the questions and pictures, you can make your own version at Make Playing Cards. Want to receive 5% discount on your entire purchase?  Use coupon code Ericmpc5off. 

Receive 5% off your entire order with coupon code Ericmpc5off

When you are on the site, choose the ‘Design your own game card’ option. Each card can be customized individually both front and back. As for the card dimensions and card stock, I chose the standard poker size and card stock (63.5 x 88.9mm & 300gsm). Since we planned on having one deck of Cards Against Matrimony on each table, and there were approximately 30 tables at the receptions, we created 36 cards for each question.

make playing cards for wedding reception

On the 2nd step, choose ‘Same Image’ under Step 2 where you then will be able to upload one of your pictures.


how to create cards against matrimony

After uploading the picture, you can choose to add text on top of the image (we chose to skip this). The next step is to add text on the other side of the card which will be one of your questions. After you finish with one card, click ‘Add to Cart’ and proceed with the next card.

create cards against matrimony

You can even purchase boxes to put your cards in at And don’t forget, you can get 5% off your entire order by entering coupon code Ericmpc5off.

card box for cards against matrimony

Your wedding guests will be very impressed with your own version of Cards Against Matrimony. Have fun creating your own version and feel free to leave any comments or fun questions you came up with! Cheers – Eric Melchor.

create own version of cards against matrimony

Run with a Dog at Memorial Park Houston

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Onsite and ready to run, the 2nd Saturday of every month you can run with a dog at Memorial Park in Houston. I will never forget that one Saturday morning I was jogging and noticed that there were more runners than usual jogging with their dogs. All kinds of dogs too. Labs, Boxers, Beagles, and more..

As it turns out, Friends For Life, a No Kill animal adoption and rescue organization in Houston, came of with the great idea of offering joggers the opportunity to run with dogs. After all, they need exercise and they want to run just like the joggers.

You can find the Friends For Life mobile adoption vehicle on West Memorial Loop Drive (West of the tennis area). Cute, healthy, and adoptable dogs are onsite and ready to run!

For more information, visit and check out their cool calendar of events like IKEA Mobile Adoption event or the Discovery Green Mobile Adoption event here in Houston.

Help Spread the Word about Htown Bingo!

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Help spread the word about HtownBingo!

Now demonstrate the power of the community and tell others about it. Here’s what you can do to help out:

  • Like us on Facebook and Tweet about #HtownBingo
  • Email your friends, family and co-workers and tell them to play HtownBingo!
  • Report, vote, and comment on an issue on SeeClickFix
  • Print out flyers and bingo boards and distribute them to friends and organizations you are a part of
  • Allow me to give a talk about SeeClickFix to associations you are a part of (Church, clubs, groups, civic and neighborhood communities)
  • Download a SeeClickFix widget and post it on your blog or Facebook page
  • Email local media (radio stations, TV, newspaper) and tell them about HtownBingo
Learn how to play and download the bingo board here.
See how other communities are using SeeClickFix here.

SeeClickFix Testimonials

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People everywhere are using SeeClickFix to do amazing things in their communities. Here are a few examples of how real people are improving their neighborhoods and making civic life richer with SeeClickFix.

  • Residents in New Haven used SeeClickFix to transform neglected public spaces into valuable neighborhood resources.
  • Bike riders in Tucson got road hazards fixed and are now riding free ‘n easy.
  • To help improve air quality and public health, lower energy bills, reduce stormwater runoff, and save their city millions of dollars, residents in Elm City began a campaign to protect and enhance their tree canopy.
  • In Richmond, local government is using SeeClickFix to connect volunteers with resources needed to fix community problems. The City is providing refuse trucks and workers to assist with volunteer cleanup events.
  • People in Huntsville shared their ideas for the future of economic development and planning in their community. They used SeeClickFix to discuss ideas, vote for each other’s suggestions and provide city planners with a wealth of data.
  • I’ve been risking life and limb for years crossing Whitney Ave. The intersection needs a crosswalk at minimum.” See how pedestrians reported concerns about a dangerous intersection.
  • This organization is partnering with SeeClickFix in the war against  neglected and overgrown public spaces.
  • The Meriden Department of Public Works encourages residents to report potholes using the SeeClickFix website or mobile app.
  • Residents have actually aided local police units and challenged crime in their communities.

But there are many more reasons to use SeeClickFix. See a list of the types of issues you can report here. Stop waiting and start using SeeClickFix now!

Learn the Htown Bingo rules and download the bingo board here.

Houston Middle School tries new Classroom approach

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Original story by Ericka Mellon, Houston Chronicle, Sept. 26, 2010

Taking a page out of the way colleges teach students – large classrooms with lots of students – Lannie Milon Jr., principal at Thomas Middle School, has his students attend class in large spaces like the library and auditorium. Each class has 75 students on average and between five and nine teachers. One teachers generally takes the lead while the others assist students who need help. Teachers switch off taking charge based on who is best at explaining the topic of the day. Teachers can learn from eachother and if a student misbehaves, instruction doesn’t have to stop.

“When you don’t have to spend so much time on managing a class, you can deliver a more rigorous lesson” says Milon.

How are teachers responding to these new initiatives?

In the beginning they felt like he was invading their privacy and some even wanted to leave. Now some are starting to embrace the idea. Regardless, this is a bold and fresh idea and I am very interested in learning whether or not this approach will be successful.