Houston – America’s Next Great City

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Houston is the place to be! Founded in 1836 and named after General Sam Houston who was elected President of Texas in 1836, the city is about a lot more than energy, healthcare and NASA. It attracts more than 7 million visitors a year who come to enjoy the performing arts scene. Thousands of entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals from all over the world move here every month because of quality of life and job opportunities. While it’s one of the country’s friendliest and welcoming cities, after all it welcomed 150,000 people from New Orleans who evacuated from Hurricane Katrina, here are a few other reasons why I love this city…

It’s the most diverse city in the States with over 80 languages spoken. We have a hospital system that’s the envy of the world. Our doctors in the medical center lead advances in health care innovation. Soon they will be able to replicate ears, kidneys and livers using incredible innovations like 3-D printing, where cells can be sculpted into any number of body parts. And the Arts! We have a wonderful spectrum of arts like the Houston Art Car Parade, the Houston Grand Opera and the Museum District that is bustling with exhibitions from all over the world. And don’t forget our extensive beautiful hike and bike trails that can get you to multiple destinations throughout the city. And there is much more to look forward to!


Houston has the capacity, momentum and the vision to revolutionize city living in the next 20 years. By 2034, Houston will be a global center of trade, tourism and quality of life. Business districts will continue to grow and expand with the addition of many more office and residential towers to the South and West toward Midtown, Greenway Plaza and Uptown. The city’s East End will transform from a warehouse district to a residential one. Rice and the University of Houston will collaborate more closely with the private sector to ensure graduates have the skill sets in demand by employers. By 2034, when world leaders look for inspiration, they will look to Houston.

About the author – Eric Melchor is a native Houstonian who resides and serves on the Midtown Management District in Houston Midtown.