Why David will always be a Wing Man

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Just like bachelors, CEOs often choose the wrong strategies based on what consultants say.

Why David will always be a Wingman

What does a Wing Man have in common with some bad CEOs?

Three years ago in Houston, two young men, Steven and David, decided it was time to find the right girl to marry. They were very similar, these two men. Both had graduated from college, both had nice teeth, both had ambition.

Flash forward to today, David was still unsuccessful, Steven however, was happily engaged to the girl of his dreams. What made the difference?

What made the difference wasn’t that one was better looking, just got lucky, or was more determined. The difference lied in how each man made use of his time and where to focus his resources. Here is how David tried to find the right girl to marry:

  • He bought a flashy sports car hoping that would get attention and dates
  • Constantly went to all the bars hitting on every girl
  • Created one automated email message to send and respond to every girl he found attractive on online dating sites
  • Hired a fashion stylist who spent his money on expensive clothing like Gucci shoes, Zegna suits, watches, and cologne

Steven on the other hand, focused his energies to what’s below the surface. Steven did the following:

  • Joined a Toastmasters club to improve his speaking and presentation skills
  • Set a goal for himself to run at least one marathon every year
  • Volunteered his time once a month at a non-profit agency (where he met his fiancé)
  • Asked his female friends to provide him honest feedback and recommendations about his hair cut, appearance, and his personality

So what do the choices that Steven and David made have to do with decisions that CEOs have to make? Just like our bachelors, CEOs often choose the wrong strategies based on what consultants or GQ magazine says.

For example,

  • The Flashy sports car can be seen as overspending on office space
  • Hitting on every girl, well that is like offering low prices everywhere and not making a decent margin
  • Sending out an automated email message is similar to outsourcing customer service representatives to another country
  • Hiring a Fashion stylist, essentially that is being taken advantage of by advertising agencies and consultants

As far as the decisions Steven made, he..

  • joining a Toastmasters club was like attending leadership classes sponsored by his company
  • Steven setting a goal to run a marathon is like having an annual target to meet for his specific job
  • Volunteering at a non-profit, for a company that translates to Corporate social responsibility; being involved in the community
  • And finally, asking his female friends for advice, that is the company sending out an Employee engagement survey to get feedback from employees

So in conclusion, if you know someone who is looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Or a CEO making bad decisions. Tell him or her to join Toastmasters, go volunteer, and start setting goals for themselves! Otherwise, they might be playing the role of a wing man for a very long time.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”– Albert Einstein