The Key Factor that will Increase Hispanic College Education Rates

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The Key Factor that will lead more Hispanics to Higher Education and Prosperity

Eric Melchor, Hispanic College Rates

Eric Melchor – The Key Factor that will Increase Hispanic College Education Rates

Did you know that 21% of US adults have at least one tattoo? In addition, 21% of Americans say they would go without sex for a whole year in order to maintain access to the Internet. Now I don’t have a tattoo, but I am part of the 21% of Hispanics who have an associate degree or higher. And ladies and gentlemen, 21% is not enough.

According to a national study I read in USA Today recently, 30% of African Americans have have an associate degree or higher. Whites – 44%. Aisan Americans, well we can all learn something from the Aisans. 57% of aisan Americans have an associate degree or higher. As for Hispanics, well if you haven’t guessed it by now, 21% of Hispanics have an associates degree or higher. So, the question is why? Why are the majority of Hispanics not attending college and finishing college? Experts from the Pew Research Center list several factors that contribute to this problem. These factors are:

–          One is, the parents socioeconomic status – its difficult for their children to attend 4 year institutions because their parents cannot afford it

–          #2, lack of role models

–          Three, parents educational background and lack of involvement in their children’s education.

Now, It is true, this is the reality for many Hispanics. It’s the truth, this is the reality for many American Latinos. But in contrary to what the experts have to say, I feel the experts have failed to point out the one key factor that will lead more Hispanics to higher education and prosperity. Allow me to share a short story about 3 siblings born and raised in Houston.

Not too long ago there were 3 siblings – Lynn, Theresa, and Victor. Each was two years apart. Their father had passed away when they were all very young which left quite a burden on their Mom who often had to work two jobs just so she could provide shelter and food for her kids. Their Mom had no college education. In fact, she did not even finish high school.

Fast forward to today, Theresa and Victor work low paying jobs, frequently move from one apartment to another, and both are dependent heavily on social welfare programs to help cover their expenses. Their  oldest kids, failed to graduate from high school, also never had a real job, and they too rely heavily on public welfare to cover their expenses. Lynn, however, owns a beautiful home, has a great job in the financial industry, and her sons not only finished high school and own their homes, but also graduated from college and have good jobs.

Why were Theresa and Victor not able to hold good jobs, buy their own homes, or be able to support themselves without social dependency? If you ask them, they will give you a list of reasons such as: “I did not have a Mom or Dad to push me to do good in school”, or, “I did not have a role model to look up to”, or “well we were poor and college was not even an option when we were growing up”, or “I just wasn’t lucky to get a good job”.

Now when you ask Lynn the question – “why do you think your life turned out different than your brother and sister’s?” she simply answers – “I believed in myself. I wanted a good job, I wanted to own my own home, wanted my kids to do well in school, and I took the necessary steps to make that happen.”

Self-belief is what made the difference. Lynn decided that she would determine her own destiny because she was responsible for it.  Experts point out several factors as to why there are so few Hispanics in higher education, but the one factor that makes all the difference in the world, the one factor they fail to highlight, is self-belief.

More than likely you know someone who has a dream, maybe that dream is to go to college. Maybe it’s to become an actor or start a business or simply to buy a home. But for some reason or another, they make excuse after excuse for not going after it. When you see this person, tell them about this story.  3 siblings, all from the same household. All from the same socio economic status. Two very different roads. One road is to accept things as they are and take whatever life gives you. The other road is believing in yourself and determining your own destiny.

About me, I am a first generation college graduate. I also have an MBA and am a Manager at a major electricity company. In my spare time, I teach at University of Houston Downtown, where I educate students not only on the subject I am teaching, but also on self-motivation and teaching them that their background does not dictate your future.

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Houston – America’s Next Great City

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Houston is the place to be! Founded in 1836 and named after General Sam Houston who was elected President of Texas in 1836, the city is about a lot more than energy, healthcare and NASA. It attracts more than 7 million visitors a year who come to enjoy the performing arts scene. Thousands of entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals from all over the world move here every month because of quality of life and job opportunities. While it’s one of the country’s friendliest and welcoming cities, after all it welcomed 150,000 people from New Orleans who evacuated from Hurricane Katrina, here are a few other reasons why I love this city…

It’s the most diverse city in the States with over 80 languages spoken. We have a hospital system that’s the envy of the world. Our doctors in the medical center lead advances in health care innovation. Soon they will be able to replicate ears, kidneys and livers using incredible innovations like 3-D printing, where cells can be sculpted into any number of body parts. And the Arts! We have a wonderful spectrum of arts like the Houston Art Car Parade, the Houston Grand Opera and the Museum District that is bustling with exhibitions from all over the world. And don’t forget our extensive beautiful hike and bike trails that can get you to multiple destinations throughout the city. And there is much more to look forward to!


Houston has the capacity, momentum and the vision to revolutionize city living in the next 20 years. By 2034, Houston will be a global center of trade, tourism and quality of life. Business districts will continue to grow and expand with the addition of many more office and residential towers to the South and West toward Midtown, Greenway Plaza and Uptown. The city’s East End will transform from a warehouse district to a residential one. Rice and the University of Houston will collaborate more closely with the private sector to ensure graduates have the skill sets in demand by employers. By 2034, when world leaders look for inspiration, they will look to Houston.

About the author – Eric Melchor is a native Houstonian who resides and serves on the Midtown Management District in Houston Midtown.

Toastmasters discurso rompehielos – Houston

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Eric Melchor

Mi nombre es Eric Melchor,  Soy de Houston, pero he vivido en Nueva York por siete años, asi que, me siento muy comodo vestiendo con sombrero de vaquero con zapatos de Italia. Hoy, voy a compartir tres cosas: cangrejo de rio, baterias usados, y mi experiencia participando en una Carrera.

Como niño, he jugado muchisimo afuera con otros ninos en mi vecinidad. Uno de los ninos era Daniel. El siempre se vestia blue jeans,(pantalones de mezclilla)  se fue de  casería con su papa, y tenía un ganso malo.  Cuando tenia diez anos, Daniel y yo atrapábamos cangrejo de rio bayou. Tomamos un cacho de tocino y una piedra, lo atábamos con cordon y lo bajábamos en la bayou. Despues los colgábamos en la linea de ropa. Luego, conseguimos nuestros pistolas de postas (bb gun) y practicábamos nuestro tiros. Estoy seguro que todo el mundo aqui hizo la misma cosa verdad?

Mas tarde cuando era un adolescente, no queria ser una scarga mi Mama pidiéndole cosas como juegos por Nintendo. Asi que, Yo consegui mi primero trabajo a los catorce anos. Trabaje en HiLo partes de coche por la calle Gessner haciendo tres dollars y cincuenta centavos por hora. Hoy, tres dollars no se puede comprar un gallon de gasoline. En HiLo, era mi responsibilidad  acomodar nueva partes de auto en la bodega . Era muy caliente en la bodega sin aire acondicionado en el verano. Yo tenia que subir escalones con estos silenciadors pesados. Pero la peor parte de este trabajo era que tenia que raspar las etiqueta adhesivas sobre los baterias usados. Yo tenia que raspar ,raspar, y raspar cada batería. Me tomaba quince minutos y me llenaba de acido de bacteria en mis manos que pica como infierno. Hasta este dia, este era el difícil trabajo que he tenido, pero aprendí el valor de trabajo duro.  

No hace mucho tiempo, un amigo me dijo que el compitió en una carerra. En este carerra, tenia  que nadar tres cientos metres, montar en bicicleta por 15 miles, y corre tres miles. Ya que no queria pensar que el era un atleta major que yo, dijo que habria competir en una carerra mi mismo. Asi que, empecé el entrenamiento. Poco despues, realice que no era un buen nadador, pero sentia que era muy rapido en mi bicicleta. Despues pocas semanas de natación, corriendo, y montando bicicleta, una carerra fue aqui. Llegue a la carerra y he realizado que todo el mundo se vestian gafas de sol y no tenia ninguno. No importa. Pues la carerra empezado. Palada, Palada, palada… no puedo ver nada. Yo fui veinte metres fuera de el curso. Suponia hacer un vuelta izquierda. Era la ultima person fuera del lago en mi grupo. Asi que me dije a mi mismo, pasare todo el mundo en mi bicicleta. Me apresure a montar mi bicicleta y empeze a pedalr. Estaba pedaleando, pedaleando, haciendo bien. Veo pocos participantes delante y me dije a mi mismo, Vamanos!

Eric_Team Coci

Pero luego, un participante me pasa. Y luego, otro. Y otro. Que paso! He realizado que todo el mundo tenia bicicletas especial para la carretera, pero estaba usando una bicicleta pentru montañas que tenga ruedas grandes y no se puede ir rapido. Por quince miles, por cincuenta minutos, no paso ninguno durante la carerra todo!  Termine la parte de correr. Apenas. Y aunque me senti como un perdedor, mi mama, mi papa, y mi Hermana estaban alli a aplaudiendo por haber crusado la linea final cual puso una GRAN sonrisa en mi cara.

Asi que, si quieres hacer una carerra, esta seguro de llevar gafas y usa una bicicleta especial para la carretera.

Pensadores de Houston is the only Spanish-English bilingual club in Houston. Those looking to practice and improve their Spanish-speaking and listening skills, as well as those learning English, are welcome to attend. Learn more at

5 Ingredients for a Recovery Workout Shake by Eric Melchor

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The secret to consistently making a good health shake after your workout is keeping it simple. Historically, when I wanted a health shake I would go to Smoothie King, but that amounted to maybe once every few months. Going there takes time and money. However, recently one of my co-workers told me about their morning shakes that consisted of a few ingredients and I thought I’d give it a go and try making one.

There are only five ingredients and chances are you already have two of them in your kitchen – milk (preferably low fat milk) and a fruit (banana or strawberries). Other ingredients for this recovery workout shake include Kale – a vegetable high in vitamin C and K, honey, and whey protein – good for muscle building. Add them all together, blend them for about 8 seconds, and you are done!

I workout in the mornings so this workout shake has become my breakfast replacing my typical oatmeal. The fact that I have been drinking these now for three weeks straight, feel better and recovery faster after workouts, and even lost a couple of pounds has compelled me to share with you all. Feel free to experiment and share any suggestions about your recovery health shake.