How a Houston community worked together to make Education a Priority

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Parents are critical links in helping their children achieve educational goals. They are there to ensure that kids are getting their homework done, not skipping school, and hopefully encouraging their children to read since reading opens up a world of possibilities. Moreover, parents are there to stress the importance of education since education is the surest route to success.

Now what about the children who grow up in a house and an environment where education is not the priority? What if they are growing up in a community that has a lot of negative influences? How can a community come together and develop a plan for the creation of not only a safer environment for their kids, but also one where education for the children is a priority for the whole community?

Enter Promise Neighborhood

Gulfton, a community in southwest Houston, was once considered a bad neighborhood, but is being transformed. The community has come together to build a center that provides a safe and fun atmosphere for local residents to learn new things and participate in youth programs. Kids can get help with their homework, take field trips, participate in activities such as arts, sports, cooking, and nutrition, take computer classes, and more. Join their Facebook fan page and watch the video below to learn more.

If your community needs a strong system of family and community support that will not only improve the educational and developmental outcomes of your children, but also help get rid of negative influences in and around the community, look into applying for Promise Neighborhood Grant.