Houston Judge implementing program to help young Addicts

After traveling the country looking at juvenile justice programs and realizing that Houston needs a drug court for juveniles, Judge Mike Schneider has created a new program aiming to give teens a chance to sober up instead of serving time.

Kids who enter the program, after being convicted for their crime, can go home and have intensive treatment and therapy. Every week of treatment includes school, work and three to four individual and group counseling sessions. The teens also meet with Judge Schneider once a week in the courtroom.

The program usually takes between 16 and 18 months of intense scrutiny by state District Judge K. Michael Mayes. Currently there are eight participants but could expand to as many as 20. Violent offenders, sex offenders and gang members are not eligible. Teens who do not complete the program could end up in more intensive treatment or back in detention. What are you thoughts about this program?

Original story by Brian Rogers, Houston Chronicle