Manor, Texas is the first Web 2.0 City in America

Initially known for its chief tourist attraction – the water tower featured in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Manor is now on its way to becoming ground zero for Gov 2.0. No city quite like Manor has embraced Gov 2.0 with quite the fervor of Manor.

Dustin Haisler, chief information officer of Manor Texas, is bringing the best of the internet to the citizens of Manor. The city is a now a hub for just about every civic application out there. Companies like CiviGuard that sells a high-tech version of the old emergency broadcast system, are testing their apps and services there. CiviGuard sends alerts that are distributed through smartphone apps and text messages.

Spigit is another company that provides an online suggestion box. Manorites suggested ideas to win prizes. Thanks to the winner, residents can set up automatic utility-bill payments.

SeeClickFix is also testing their product in Manor. It offers a website an 800 number and an iPhone app that let Manorites report potholes, broken streetlights, and other problems to the Department of Public Works. Houston we need this!

Want more? DotGov is developing an app called CityLife that provides information on local government services. The app has not yet been released, but Manor has been helping to test it out.

Thanks to Haisler, Manor has agreements with more than a dozen other small companies for various high-tech services, many of which, as a pilot customer, it receives for free. Come to Houston Haisler!

Way to go Manor, Texas!

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