10 Examples of how Men are becoming like Women

Is it me or are men starting to do more things that are considered feminine? Adam Carolla first noticed this back in 2004 and wrote about it in his book In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks. I can’t help to think he may be right.  Here to see 10 examples of how men are…

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Okay, the gender line is starting to blur when designers are creating this type of clothing for men.

menwearDo you wonder, are Men becoming more feminine? Are Men going to start wearing nail polish soon? Now I am not some kind of ex-military, tobacco chewing, Samurai warrior or anything, I think I’m just your normal guy who can’t help but notice the behavior and purchasing decisions that some men are doing. With that said, here are 10 examples of how men are starting to become more feminine. NOTE, do not take this post too seriously.

1.) Men who own little Dogs

Look, if it’s your girlfriend’s dog that’s fine, but for the men out there who own a dog that is smaller than a Cocker Spaniel or fluffier than a Poodle, I have one question – Why?! And don’t give me that “Well I have a small apartment” excuse. Yes, owning dogs and walking them outside is a good strategy for meeting women, but walking that Maltese around doesn’t make you look masculine.

2.) Men driving Small Cars

Now maybe it all started with the Mini Cooper which is not much bigger than the Fiat, but why on Earth are men driving these small cars? Do you really think you are going to get that model in the Fiat commercial (her legs don’t even fit in the car by the way). It’s like everywhere I look, I see more and more men driving these ‘cute’ little cars. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun to rent for a weekend when you are on vacation in Europe, but buying one of these because you want to be ‘Eco’ friendly is a bit far fetched.

3.) Men who are on Pinterest

So one day my girlfriend tells me that one of her male friends is now following her on Pinterest. I had heard of the site, but never checked it out. So when she logged on, I sat on the couch next to her to see what it was all about. Here are some of the headlines and pics I saw: 1. How to keep your jewelry from getting tangled, 2. Recipe for making brownies with mint, 3. Repurpose a China cabinet, 4. How to make a minty tea cooler… and the rest of the topics/pins or whatever you call them were all similar. Men, stop reading tips on how to manicure your nails and log back on to ESPN.

4.) Men playing Kadima paddle ball

paddle ball

All I can say is that when I was a boy growing up, my Dad never said “hey, let’s go play some paddle ball”. We either threw the football or baseball around.  Seeing grown men play this game with eachother just makes me shake my head.

5.) Just Bieber carrying Mayweather’s belt

You are pound for pound one of boxing’s best fighters and you let a teenage heart throb hold your championship belt when you walk into the ring to face your opponent? I wonder what Chris Rock would have to say about this. Justin Bieber carrying one’s championship belt into the ring is not very masculine. In fact, Justin Bieber anything is not macho. I understand Mayweather wanted to tap into Bieber’s audience, but who are they? 13 year old girls? And for anyone wondering if I had the guts to call Mayweather out in person, the answer is – absolutely.

6) Men wearing tight Jeans

Yes, I know they have been around for a few years now and maybe they are now considered fashionably okay to wear, but why?? They look absolutely ridiculous with the material clinging so tight to one’s skin. Seriously, how to guys walk and sit wearing those things? Unless you are a rock star or are just plain very skinny, tight jeans look good on women, not men. I know a lot of guys wear skinny jeans, but hence the word ‘guys’ and not ‘men’. Moreover, tight-fitting jeans can cause urinary tract infections, twisted testicles, bladder weakness and long-term health consequences.

7) Men carrying around Purses (Handbags)

I snapped this photo in DC. The color of the shorts has got to go, but let’s stick to the ‘man purse’. What do these men carry in these things? A mini-iron? There is no reason whatsoever for a man to walk around with a purse. If it’s not a backpack, duffel bag, gym sack, brief case, or wallet that fits in your back pocket, get rid of it! Same thing with reusable shopping bags… come on.

8) Men signing up to receive the Birchbox

Men, the only trial size grooming products you should ever need are the ones you take from hotels while on business trips.

9) Men getting their Eyebrows done (or waxed)

Back when I lived in Queens, New York, I would occasionally see some Italian guys getting their eyebrows done, but I thought this was a strictly cultural / Italian thing! Now however, I think this silly concept is happening in other parts of the country and not just among Italians! What’s next. Women waiting in line at the manicure place for men to be finished with their appointments? Unless you have a very bad case of a unibrow, men, pluck your eyebrows at home.

10) Men with Earrings & men who go to suntan salons

earring and spray tan

Deciding on what to list as the last example of how men are becoming more like women was tough. So I decided to list two things that just don’t make sense to me – men who wear earrings and men who go to suntanning salons. Can’t take a man seriously when he has bling in his ears. As for men going to the tanning salon, why? Do you really think a man’s tan is high on the criteria on the list of things women want in a man? Hanging by the pool catching some sun while drinking a beer is acceptable. Purposely going to a salon is not. I know a lot of guys wear earrings and go to tanning salons, but hence the word ‘guys’ and not ‘men’.

BONUS – Men taking wives’ last name

men taking wifes name, men acting more feminine

Huh? A man taking his wife’s last name? That is correct. One person commented on this article by saying “Turn in your Man Card”. You can read the story featured on USA Today. What do you think about this?

BONUS – Men wearing the same underwear as women

how men are acting like women, men wearing womens underwear, masculinity dying

Two New York City fashion designers are envisioning a world where men and women wear the same underwear. Couldn’t they find a male model with a chest and arm muscles or is that against the norm now too?

BONUS – Men engaging in slap fighting contest


BONUS – Men taking pole dancing classes as a ‘workout’

how men are starting to act like women

Perhaps some men saw ‘Magic Mike’ and took it the wrong way?

Bonus – Men taking cats as pets

men owning cats

Bonus – Men putting glitter on their beards

glitter on beards

Bonus – Make Up brands signing up male models

make up male models, male covergirl

My wife told me about this one and was flabbergasted. “Why would I ever buy make up because of a guy modeling it?!” she said. This is the statement from CoverGirl – “All of our CoverGirls are role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe, and redefining what it means to be beautiful.” I’m shaking my head as I read and post this…


To read more about this topic, see Oprah’s article Why Men Are Becoming More Like Women. If you want to read a hilarious book by a man who simply has the balls to publicly say what the few remaining real men in this world would say, then read In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks.

Men (and I purposely say ‘Men’ and not ‘Guys’), we are becoming a dying race. Feel free to share your comments and let me know if there are any examples I should have included. Cheers. – Eric