HISD has an opportunity to transform schools

Original story by James Calaway, Houston Chronicle, Sept. 26, 2010

Stop Press! America’s educational system – public schools – are failing millions of children who need to be rescued from an inferior education. (Yes, this is how the story opens).

Interesting article recently featured in the Chronicle – “Reinventing Education in Houston”. Take directly from the story – “The Houston Independent School District has heard the alarm, and there are those who believe Houston is now well-positionedto become ground zero for this country’s education reform movement – to be the district that reinvents public education so that it works for all students.

Here’s more excerpts from the story – “HISD has not been waiting passively for someone to provide an answer; it has the will, the leadership and the support to transform the district into a model for thre rest of the nation.

-“Fundamental systemwide improvements that lead to increased academic achievement for every student are possible when you have inspiring, highly skilled teachers in every class who are motivated by principals confidently leading their schools.”

Umm…. where are the excerpts about the parents responsibility?

Here’s more – from the story ‘Our Teachers hold the Key to an effective Education’, by Bill Ratliff and John Fitzpatrick in the Houston Chronicle on Oct. 1, 2010

-“Behind every student success story in our public schools is an effective teacher.”

-“Without good teachers, our students will not be in position to succeed in college, careers or life.”

Hmm…. I had some good teachers in my life, but I have to give the majority of my learning ability and desire to my parents. I still recall my dad making me write out sentences with the new words I was learning in my spelling class every week and giving it to him every Friday as part of his homework. I recall my dad making me read books every summer when summer reading was not even required. I believe parents hold the keys to effective education, but that is just my opinion.