Why is our City Controller associated with a Convicted Felon?

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Original story “Controller and the Con Man’ by Chris Moran and Lise Olsen, Houston Chronicle, Aug. 12th, 2012.

It is much regret to hear that Ron Green, our City Controller, is associated with a five time convicted felon and contractor who is responsible for executing an elaborate real estate and forgery scam targeting Houston neighborhoods. Dwayne Jordan, the con man, has been indicted on the count that he snatched 23 Houston properties from different owners and then duped unsuspecting buyers into purchasing homes built on stolen ground.

I can understand how bitter and painful it must be to anyone whose property is claimed to be owned by someone else. Yes folks, land thefts, mortgage frauds and deed scams do happen and Dwayne Jordan is a master at executing them.

How is Ron Green associated with Dwayne Jordan? While Harris County prosecutors want to sentence Jordan, who has a long string of prior convictions including kidnapping, armed robbery and illegal possession of drugs and firearms, Ron Green is asking the Judge probation for his friend. According to Green, Jordan deserves his freedom and a chance to repay his victims. Although Green is at full liberty to choose who he is friends with, it does not give me pleasure nor confidence to see Houston’s City Controller stand up for a man who ripped off people Green was elected to protect.

In addition, not only is Green associated with felons, he is having problems with the IRS. In 2009, the IRS filed three tax liens claiming Green owed $260,000 in unpaid income taxes from 2002-2008. I think there is much here, to put it mildly, to cause alarm as to who Houston’s elected money manager really is. I think it would be well for the Controller to give a fuller account on the reason why he is supporting Jordan. The excuse “Jordan buys turkeys for the poor and works very hard to try and change the face of the Sunnyside community” just doesn’t cut it.