Feeding and Dining with the Homeless

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Have you ever seen a group of homeless gathering to hear Mass? Well they do and the group of people from Ecclesia Church have an outreach program called ‘Simple Feast’. The idea is to not only feed those in society that are often cast aside, but to also share a meal with them.

In the words of Jacky Bui, “The man on the street is not just a addict or a lazy man who won’t work, but a husband and father who has been given up on or a man who made a mistake and, though no longer in prison, finds himself still in one. There is a blending of those serving and those being served; circles of folks sitting on the grass talking and playing with pets; kids throwing a football around with grown men; and volleyball games that reveal the competitive nature of men regardless of financial status. “Us” and “them” have become sisters and brothers. This is a simple feast.”

If you’d like to see and experience this celebration for yourself, Simple Feast would love for you to join them for a Sunday (or two). Just contact Jacky Bui at jaxbui (at) gmail (dot) com.