Hispanics need Texas grant money to go to college?

Hispanics need grant money to go to college? “Officials say college aid cuts would set back Hispanics” article featured in the Houston Chronicle on September 13, 2010, says that there will be a budget shortfall for the program that provides grant money for needy students. Here is a snipet from the story..

“It would be catastrophic if we cut financial aid just as that front edge of the changing demographic hits our colleges. (said Raymund Paredes – Texas commissioner of higher eduction) Those students will go home to their neighborhoods and say ‘Higher education is not for me’.”

This is upsetting that there will be a cut in grant money. For me, it is even more upsetting knowing that I went to graduate school here in the States with students from Russia, France, Romania and other countries and I have to pay a huge student loan bill every month for the next 25 years while these foreigners 1. Do not have any student loan debt to pay off, 2. Were actually given an allowance from the University while in school, 3. and the University found them high paying jobs in the States upon graduation. However, I am not upset about the ‘cut’ in Texas grant money since this is not Europe and we are not expecting the Government to provide free education for us. What upsets me is thinking that college students will give up on going to college if there is no grant money there to assist them with tuition.

This is not how an American thinks. An American believes in himself/herself and overcomes adversity. So what if there is no grant money or scholarships. If a student gives up going to college because they did not get any grant money, chances are, they give up on other things that are meant to better their well-being. Mr. Paredes, the intentions of this ‘grant money’ program are good, but the true factor of anyone’s success in whatever endeavor they choose lies in their ability to overcome adversity and second, the hard work they put into their profession. A  student who really wants to go to college and is not able to receive grant money should brush that off his/her shoulder, and not say something like “Higher education is not for me”.

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Original story by Melissa Ludwig, San Antonio Express News